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Daily Coffee News Staff | November 27, 2023
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Brazil Coffee Tour” by baristahoon is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.
Brazil Coffee Semi-Annual Report
The USDA’s Global Agriculture Information Network has released one of its two annual reports on the Brazilian coffee sector. The Brazil Coffee Semi-Annual includes the USDA agency’s latest predictions on production and exports. For the market year 2023/24, the agency predicts robusta production to be down 6.1% compared to last season, while arabica production is expected to increase by 12.8 percent compared to last season. Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer. 
Colombia Coffee Semi-Annual Report
In the Colombia Coffee Semi-Annual report, USDA Gain’s field office estimates that Colombia’s coffee production is in 2023/24 will to recover to the equivalent of 11.5 million 60-kilo bags due to drier conditions and more sunlight. Coffee production in the current MY (2022/23) has been revised downward to 10.7 million bags due to excessive rainfall and low fertilization rates.
India Coffee Semi-Annual Report
In the India Coffee Semi-Annual report, analysts have revised 2023/24 production estimates upward by about 2% to 5.9 million bags due to drier conditions. “Farmgate prices of Arabica have fallen by more than 26% since June 2023 due to anticipation of higher-than-expected global supplies, while Robusta prices have remained firm owing to steady exports,” the report states. “Consequently, farmers may try to offload the limited Arabica stocks being held before the new crop arrivals begin.”
Coffee Might Be Used to Combat Neurodegenerative Disease
A natural chemical compound in spent coffee grounds may hold secrets to combating neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s, according to new research from a team at The University of Texas at El Paso. 
Illy Presents 2023 International Coffee Awards
Italian coffee giant Illycafé (Illy) convened at the UN headquarters in New York for the 2023 Ernesto Illy International Coffee Awards. The annual awards program honors coffee producers involved in supplying Illy’s core coffee blend. 
17 Winning Lots Heading to 2nd National Yemen Coffee Auction
Organizers of the 2023 National Yemen Coffee Auction have identified the 17 winning lots for the upcoming auction. The auction is scheduled to take place late Dec. 14 (U.S. time), or Dec. 15 (Europe, MENA, Asia). 
Torani Announces 2024 Flavor of the Year
Syrups maker Torani has unveiled its Pourcast 2024 Flavor of the Year: Galaxy. Part of the brand’s Puremade line, the new syrup flavor is intended to capture “the taste of space,” which according to the company is something like raspberries and rum. Torani’s previous flavors of the year were toasted black sesame (2o23) and salted egg yolk (2022). 
NCA Seeks Nominations for Annual ‘Charity’ Award
The United States National Coffee Association opened nominations for its “2024 Charity Showcase and Award” program, which typically honors nonprofit organizations with associations to the coffee sector. The application deadline is Friday, Sept. 8. 
Dubuque Coffee Coming to Schnucks Markets
Products from St. Louis, Missour-based Dubuque Coffee Company will soon be available in 90 locations of Schnucks Markets convenience stores in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, according to the two companies. 
Scooter’s Coffee Donates $277K+ to The Pink Agenda for Breast Cancer Research
Following a four-day campaign that raised money in stores through cookie sales and requested donations, Nebraska-based coffee chain Scooter’s Coffee raised $277,032 for breast cancer research. The company is sending a check to the nonprofit Pink Agenda
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