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Improve your risk posture with attack surface management
Security that enables business outcomes
Gain visibility and meet business needs with security
Connect with confidence from anywhere, on any device
Secure users and key operations throughout your environment
Move faster than your adversaries with powerful purpose-built XDR, attack surface risk management, and zero trust capabilities
Maximize effectiveness with proactive risk reduction and managed services
Understand your attack surface, assess your risk in real time, and adjust policies across network, workloads, and devices from a single console
Drive business value with measurable cybersecurity outcomes
See more, act faster
Evolve your security to mitigate threats quickly and effectively
Ensure code runs only as intended
Gain visibility and control with security designed for cloud environments
Protect patient data, devices, and networks while meeting regulations
Protecting your factory environments – from traditional devices to state-of-the-art infrastructures
ICS/OT Security for the oil and gas utility industry
ICS/OT Security for the electric utility
Bridge threat protection and cyber risk management
Operationalize a zero trust strategy
Stop adversaries faster with a broader perspective and better context to hunt, detect, investigate, and respond to threats from a single platform
Defend the endpoint through every stage of an attack
Optimized prevention, detection, and response for endpoints, servers, and cloud workloads
The most trusted cloud security platform for developers, security teams, and businesses
Leverage complete visibility and rapid remediation
Simplify security for your cloud-native applications with advanced container image scanning, policy-based admission control, and container runtime protection
Security for cloud file/object storage services leveraging cloud-native application architectures
Advanced cloud-native network security detection, protection, and cyber threat disruption for your single and multi-cloud environments.
Visibility and monitoring of open source vulnerabilities for SecOps
As your organization continues to move data and apps to the cloud and transform your IT infrastructure, mitigating risk without slowing down the business is critical.
Expand the power of XDR with network detection and response
Protect against known, unknown, and undisclosed vulnerabilities in your network
Detect and respond to targeted attacks moving inbound, outbound, and laterally
Redefine trust and secure digital transformation with continuous risk assessments
Stop phishing, malware, ransomware, fraud, and targeted attacks from infiltrating your enterprise
On-premises and cloud protection against malware, malicious applications, and other mobile threats
Keep ahead of the latest threats and protect your critical data with ongoing threat prevention and analysis
Stop threats with comprehensive, set-it-and-forget-it protection
Augment security teams with 24/7/365 managed detection, response, and support
Augment threat detection with expertly managed detection and response (MDR) for email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks
Our trusted experts are on call whether you’re experiencing a breach or looking to proactively improve your IR plans
Stop breaches with the best response and detection technology on the market and reduce clients’ downtime and claim costs
Grow your business and protect your customers with the best-in-class complete, multilayered security
Deliver modern security operations services with our industry-leading XDR
Partner with a leading expert in cybersecurity, leverage proven solutions designed for MSPs
Add market-leading security to your cloud service offerings – no matter which platform you use
Increase revenue with industry-leading security
Discover the possibilities
We work with the best to help you optimize performance and value
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Trend offers 24×7 fully managed security services uniquely designed in collaboration with AWS security experts to protect, monitor, and respond to security events of AWS environments.
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Are your security teams overwhelmed with notifications and ever-expanding queues of suspicious activities that require investigation? You are not alone. According to Trend Micro™ Research, 51% of organizations are drowning in alerts.
As the attack surface continues to evolve, your organization’s ability to discover, assess, and mitigate risk effectively and efficiently will determine your capacity to stop adversaries.
So, what would it mean to your organization if you could become more resilient to the onslaught of threats? What if you could get flexible support coupled with expert monitoring and threat analysis to alleviate your company’s overstretched teams?
Trend Micro is proud to announce we have achieved the AWS Level 1 Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Competency. This competency recognizes Trend’s capacity to augment security teams resources with 24/7/365 managed detection, response, and support through our cloud security and XDR solutions, as well as service teams.
“We hear from businesses everyday who are leveraging the cloud and cloud-native applications to better serve their customers, and they understand that securing everything in their cloud environment is a shared responsibility” says Mike Gibson, SVP, Global Services “But, they also know that despite their security team’s best efforts, they do not always have the around-the-clock coverage and monitoring that’s required to keep their cloud resources, applications, and data secure.”
As an AWS Level 1 MSSP competency partner, Trend has undergone a rigorous verification process to validate that we meet the high-quality requirements of AWS security experts. The Level 1 Managed Security Services (MSS) baseline requires fundamental services such as AWS Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning, AWS Security Best Practice Monitoring, AWS Compliance Monitoring, AWS Resource Inventory Visibility, and much more. In addition to providing Level 1 MSS baseline services, Trend also provides specialized services in modern computer and digital forensics incident response.
At the end of the day, organizations are looking for a trusted partner who can support their cloud journey. Trend’s cybersecurity experts extend your security team by providing more proactive prevention, detection, and response across your entire infrastructure. The result – you have support for your unique organizational setup while raising the baseline of your cybersecurity coverage.
We invite you to learn more about how you can extend your security team to better protect your AWS environment here.
Ashley Savoie
Product Marketing Manager
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