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TNN | Posted August 26, 2023 11:32 AM
Most students decide to go abroad to study Medicine because the course fee is considerably less as compared to the private medical colleges in India. In addition, most of the colleges abroad offer a quality education and advanced technical facilities, which is important for medical studies. Most overseas colleges have facilities that are at par with any reputed government medical college in India. Students get to handle equipment and work in the laboratories. They are given enough space for experiments and research. The degree received from a medical university in Moldova is approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI). The syllabus here is also approved by the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and Professional and Linguistics Assessments Board (PLAB), which increases placement opportunities in the US and UK.
Kerala girl Muhsina, 21, enrolled in Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Moldova as it offers low-cost medical education, which is recognised by WHO and MCI. The internship opportunities provided by the university increase the value of students since practical knowledge is important for medical graduates studying overseas. Compared to Russia and Ukraine, Moldova provides the same quality education at a lower expense. Also, students get to study and practise on real cadavers which is not possible in universities in Georgia.
Challenge of FMGE
Due to the poor FMGE pass rate, many Indian aspirants think that an MBBS obtained from a foreign university has no significance, says Muhsina. “They believe that the poor quality of education offered abroad is the reason why so many pupils struggle with this exam,” she adds.
The pass rate could be low, but several students have passed the FMGE exam. Also, several students who have studied in Moldova have cleared the entrance exams and are now working in the USA, Germany and Australia, adds Muhsina. The poor FMGE pass rate could be because of the limited efforts made by the students and it does not reflect the quality of education offered overseas.
When we come to study in a foreign country, we acquire many new experiences. Students may face discrimination from the locals to some extent. Coping with this can be difficult at first but we also come across kind and helpful people who make living here easy. The language barrier could be an obstacle that students may face as one tends to get lonely. Learning to manage our expenses can also be challenging, everyone should be capable to balance their expenses smartly and independently, she says, adding students should be mindful of balancing studies and leisure as it is quite easy to get distracted and drift from the goal.
Planning the future
Most students simultaneously prepare for FMGE, USMLE and PLAB while completing their medical degree. “I haven’t decided yet but I prefer to go to USA or UK rather than India because of the better opportunities. Moreover, universities in America or London have better curricula and the infrastructure is far better than that of medical colleges in India,” says Muhsina. Several MBBS students in India want to pursue higher studies in countries like the USA and the UK because of varied scholarships for meritorious students. They also provide the opportunity to practise in hospitals with good salaries, which reduces the burden of education expenses, she adds.
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