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DENNISON has introduced its latest and most dynamic collection yet—the “Club Wear Collection,” showcasing an infusion of creativity and boldness set to reshape nightlife fashion with its cutting-edge style.
The Club Wear Collection by DENNISON signifies an innovative blend of high fashion and contemporary club culture, embodying the brand’s dedication to pushing boundaries and setting trends. Each piece in this collection is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting a keen understanding of the dynamic needs of the modern partygoer.
Founder Ashwini Seth expressed excitement about the new collection, noting, “Our Club Wear Collection is a celebration of individuality and self-expression. We wanted to create pieces that not only make a style statement but also empower our customers to embrace their unique identities. It’s about standing out and being unapologetically bold.
The pricing strategy for the Club Wear Collection underlines DENNISON’s commitment to accessibility without compromising on quality. With an eye on capturing the growing market, the collection offers a curated selection of garments positioned to resonate with the target audience’s desire for style and flair, making fashion-forward club wear accessible without breaking the bank.
Designed for those who value the fusion of comfort, quality, and edgy aesthetics, the collection emerges as the preferred choice for discerning club enthusiasts. Ashwini Seth shared, “We believe in the power of fashion to inspire confidence and create unforgettable experiences. The Club Wear Collection is more than just clothing; it’s a reflection of the vibrant energy and excitement that defines the nightlife culture.”
Zingavita, a key player in India’s retail health industry, has appointed Dheeraj Nagpal as Co-Founder, signaling a strategic move towards enhancing its product innovation, brand strategy, and marketing. With an impressive background encompassing over 12 years of experience in growth, B2B partnerships, and business strategy, Dheeraj’s arrival marks a significant milestone for the company.
Dheeraj, renowned for his pivotal role in expanding Zomato Gold in India and his leadership in Partnerships and Alliances at Zomato, brings a wealth of expertise in lending, payments, and Food Tech to Zingavita. His track record in executing strategic mandates for Zomato and previous role as the Lead Finance Officer at American Express underscores his capability to steer Zingavita towards its next phase of growth and innovation.
Sachin Goel, Co-Founder of Zingavita, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “Zingavita is thrilled to welcome and partner with Dheeraj in this growth journey. His expertise will enable us to accelerate our innovation cycle and meet our growth milestones to continue delivering on our promise of high-quality, targeted nutrition for the entire family.
Dheeraj Nagpal shared his enthusiasm, stating, “I am excited with Zingavita embarking on the journey to redefine health and wellness in India. Zingavita’s commitment to quality, innovation, and affordability resonates deeply with my vision for the future of the health supplements industry.
Zingavita, a leader in the health retail sector, specializes in offering a diverse range of high-quality, scientifically formulated natural supplements. With a strategic focus on the ₹20,000 crore nutraceuticals and herbal supplements market in India, the brand has established itself with a 20+ strong SKU portfolio under Kids and Adult nutrition, available on leading marketplaces.
The company has disrupted the Kids’ nutrition category by introducing age-old chyawanprash in a gummy format, specifically designed for children’s immunity. Zingavita’s adult nutrition offerings align with its vision of “science-backed nutrition, tailor-made for you,” featuring unique formulations such as a multivitamin and Omega 3 blend in a single soft-gel, and customised multivitamins for various age and gender groups. Zingavita aims to further elevate its position in the health and wellness industry, continuing to deliver transformative solutions for a healthier, more vibrant life.
Gadget accessory and consumer electronics brand, VingaJoy, introduces the BT-003 Infinite Series wireless earbuds, a sonic delight for music and fitness enthusiasts in India. Priced attractively at just Rs 1999, these earbuds promise a premium audio experience with powerful sound quality and an impressive 30 hours of playtime.
The VingaJoy BT-003 earbuds, housed in a distinctive partially transparent case, not only deliver a unique allure but also boast a substantial 200mAh battery capacity. This ensures 30 hours of playtime at moderate volume, making them an ideal companion for focused and enjoyable gym sessions. The lightweight and stylish design further elevates their appeal. The earbuds also feature user-friendly tap controls for call management, offering seamless call acceptance and rejection.
Designed for fitness enthusiasts, the VingaJoy BT-003 earbuds are sweat-resistant, providing a hassle-free wireless experience during intense workout sessions. With Bluetooth v5.0, users can enjoy efficient connectivity, while dual mic support and touch controls enhance call management and interaction with virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. The earbuds can also function independently after successful auto-pairing.
Mandeep Arora, Co-Founder of VingaJoy said, “With VingaJoy’s diverse hearable portfolio, we aim to provide consumers with the best and most innovative products. The BT-003 Infinite earbuds showcase our commitment to creativity and hard work, evident in the product’s design. Featuring deep bass and a 30-hour playtime, these earbuds will enhance the workout experience for fitness enthusiasts.
Offering a 6-month warranty, the VingaJoy BT-003 earbuds are available on popular e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, and UBON’s official website, as well as at nearby retail stores.
LehLah, a trailblazing fashion-tech platform, has unveiled a strategic partnership with actor and fashion icon Athiya Shetty. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for LehLah, positioning itself at the forefront of revolutionizing the social commerce landscape. The platform offers customers the unique opportunity to directly shop from influencers’ posts on social media, introducing an innovative retail approach to the Indian market.
LehLah distinguishes itself as a platform designed for fashion enthusiasts, allowing them to effortlessly explore curated posts by their favorite creators and instantly shop the showcased looks. This eliminates the cumbersome task of searching for the origin of an influencer’s outfit, providing users with a seamless social shopping experience—from discovery and exploration to the final purchase.
Beyond simplifying the shopping journey for users, LehLah empowers creators by enabling them to monetize their content and earn commissions on sales generated through their posts. This comprehensive approach benefits influencers, brands, and customers alike, fostering a symbiotic relationship within the social commerce ecosystem.
The strategic choice to partner with Athiya Shetty, a prominent figure in the fashion realm, aligns seamlessly with LehLah’s overarching vision. Athiya, known for her distinctive and authentic style, becomes a fitting collaborator, resonating with fashion enthusiasts as she often sets trends in the industry.
Founder of LehLah, Ashna Ruia, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing its game-changing potential for the platform. She stated, “Our partnership with Athiya Shetty is a game-changer for LehLah. Her celebrated style and real personality are what LehLah embodies. We hope that this partnership helps solidify our position in the fashion-tech market.”
Athiya Shetty also conveyed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the tremendous opportunity it presents for the Indian audience. She stated, “I am delighted to be a part of this collaboration with LehLah. The concept presents a tremendous opportunity for the Indian audience, offering users a way to shop directly from what they see on social media.
The collaboration between LehLah and Athiya Shetty signifies a transformative step in redefining the social commerce landscape. By providing a more accessible, engaging, and rewarding experience for both creators and consumers, this partnership introduces an exciting new dimension to the world of fashion retail.
Renowned Indian makeup brand, Swiss Beauty, renowned for its innovation, is gearing up for a month-long celebration with its highly awaited wedding campaign, “BFF Bina Wedding Kaisa.” Building on the success of the #MeraWeddingBFF campaign in 2022, this new initiative is set to redefine the wedding experience by emphasizing the irreplaceable role of BFFs in a bride’s journey.
BFF Bina Wedding Kaisa” centers around various wedding occasions and the diverse array of BFFs accompanying the bride. From engagement to cocktail, haldi, mehndi, and sangeet, Swiss Beauty introduces four distinct wedding BFFs, tailored to specific events – the ‘Banno ki Saheli,’ ‘Office Wali Bestie,’ ‘Bachpan ki Dost,’ and the ‘Sassy NRI.’ Swiss Beauty ensures that every bride has her perfect BFF Squad for every special moment.
The campaign aims to immerse the audience in the celebration, showcasing the joyous moments shared between brides and their BFFs. Through engaging content and immersive storytelling, Swiss Beauty highlights and celebrates the immeasurable joy that BFFs bring to a wedding, transcending the functions to create lasting memories with friends who stand by you during the most significant event of your life.
To enhance the celebration, Swiss Beauty introduces three carefully curated bridal kits, seamlessly integrated into the campaign – the Wedding Shagun Kit, Modern Rani Vanity, and Modern Rani Pouch. These kits capture the essence of each wedding event and cater to the diverse needs of the bride and her BFFs, ensuring they look stunning throughout the festivities with Swiss Beauty as their ultimate BFF.
The grand unveiling of “BFF Bina Wedding Kaisa” will take place on Swiss Beauty’s official Instagram page, promising a visually stunning and emotionally resonant campaign that not only showcases the brand’s commitment to quality products but also celebrates the significance of friendships during a bride’s most cherished moments.
Saahil Nayar, CEO of Swiss Beauty, shared, “Wedding is a journey of a lifetime, and every bride deserves to share it with her closest friends. ‘BFF Bina Wedding Kaisa’ is our ode to the joy, laughter, and beauty that BFFs bring to this special occasion. It’s about looking and feeling your best while creating memories that last a lifetime.
In addition to celebrating the BFF bond, Swiss Beauty also unveils looks of brides-to-be from different regions, providing inspiration and product recommendations for engagement, haldi, sangeet, and shaadi. The campaign promises makeup tutorials, hacks, pro tips by renowned makeup artists, wedding kits suitable for both bride-to-be and BFFs, exciting market activities, and live demos at exclusive brand outlets, enriching the celebration further.
DTDC Express Ltd has joined ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) with a vision to revolutionize e-commerce logistics in India and empower sellers on the network through the integration of emerging technologies. This strategic move underscores DTDC’s commitment to supporting local businesses and small e-commerce sellers by providing access to essential tools and support in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.
As DTDC Express Ltd. integrates into the ONDC Network, it aims to strengthen its position as a leader in delivering cutting-edge logistics services. Within the unique ONDC ecosystem, DTDC plans to leverage its expertise in Express and standard B2C deliveries, utilizing a stable and reliable network that connects different parts of the country. Through active engagement with ONDC’s Network of 1.5 L sellers and small entrepreneurs, DTDC Express Ltd with its extensive physical network of ~15,000 Channel Partners serving ~96 percent of the Indian population, aims to achieve 1500 – 2000 shipments per day by the end of this year and continue scaling further.
DTDC’s integration into ONDC will catalyze the implementation of cutting-edge service offerings, including Next Day Delivery, Pick Up and Drop Off (PUDO), and QC-enabled reverse Logistics. The company also seeks to simplify various e-commerce operations such as order management, inventory tracking, and payment processing, ensuring a seamless and efficient logistics process for various sellers on the Network. DTDC’s operations for ONDC are live in 5000+ pin codes, serving 100+ tier I, II, and III cities based on demand patterns.
ONDC’s vision is to create a truly inclusive e-commerce ecosystem wherein every seller, regardless of size, presence, and location, can access equal trading opportunities. With DTDC live on ONDC Network, we are a step closer to this reality,” said T Koshy, MD and CEO, ONDC.
Abhishek Chakraborty, Executive Director of DTDC India, commented, “Our collaboration with ONDC signifies our vision to redefine the logistics paradigm, creating opportunities for growth for businesses of all scales in alignment with the evolving digital commerce ecosystem. Having said this, the focus will be on accommodating the growing demands of SMEs, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and local sellers, enabling end-to-end integrated logistics solutions that empower businesses even in the remotest corners of India.
With the ambition to become the most admired logistics provider in the country through the ONDC Network, DTDC Express Ltd. will be going live on all 14,700+ pin codes in the next phase, reinforcing the trustworthiness of the entire e-commerce process.
In a noteworthy development for sneaker enthusiasts and sports aficionados, Foot Locker, Inc., the distinguished athletic retail giant headquartered in New York, has unveiled a long-term licensing agreement with Metro Brands Limited (MBL), a prominent footwear and accessories specialty retailer in India, and Nykaa Fashion, a leading curation-centric fashion and lifestyle destination in the country. This collaboration aims to provide an extensive array of global sportswear and footwear options to the burgeoning community of sneaker fans in India.
Under the terms of the agreements, MBL secures exclusive rights to own and operate Foot Locker stores within India, offering authorized merchandise. Simultaneously, Nykaa Fashion takes on the role of the exclusive e-commerce partner, managing Foot Locker’s India website and retailing authorized merchandise on Nykaa’s existing e-commerce platforms.
As the originator of sneaker culture globally, Foot Locker has established itself as a brand fueling self-expression and delivering unparalleled experiences within the global sneaker community. Recognized as the go-to destination for sneaker enthusiasts, Foot Locker curates an exclusive assortment from India’s next-generation of preferred brands.
According to reports, the sneaker segment in India is expected to surge to 66 million pairs by 2028, showcasing rapid growth. With an increasing demand for unique designs blending traditional Indian elements with modern trends, MBL and Nykaa Fashion are strategically positioned to capitalize on India’s evolving sneaker demand and burgeoning fashion industry.
Mary Dillon, President and CEO at Foot Locker, Inc, said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Metro Brands and Nykaa Fashion to further elevate sneaker culture in India. The passion for sneakers in this market is tremendous, and we believe that with the combined omni-channel strength of our partners, we are uniquely positioned to appeal to the rapidly growing Indian market. Combining a strong understanding of the Indian consumer with Metro Brand’s extensive and well-established store operational excellence and Nykaa Fashion’s leading digital capabilities will allow us to bring the full Foot Locker experience and truly win over the hearts and minds of local sneakerheads.
Nissan Joseph, CEO, Metro Brands Limited, said, “At Metro Brands, our vision is to bring the finest global brands to India and cater to the complete shoe wardrobe of our customer. This partnership is a big step in that direction. It will also help us pave the way in revolutionizing the sneaker market, enhancing the retail experience, and meeting dynamic needs of our customers.
Adwaita Nayar, Co-Founder of Nykaa, and CEO Nykaa Fashion said, “Nykaa Fashion has been at the forefront of bringing the most stylish and relevant curations and brands to Indian shoppers- from Global cult favourites to local hidden gems. Now, with our partnership with Footlocker, we are excited to bring the world’s best sneaker brands and styles to feed an exploding sneaker culture in India. All of this with the same ease of discovery, platform comfort and seamlessness that has become synonymous with Nykaa Fashion and is expected by our discerning base of customers.
Metro Brands Ltd recently celebrated the launch of its 800th store in India, featuring a diverse range of brands, including iconic Indian labels like Metro Shoes, Mochi, and popular international choices like Crocs, FitFlop, and Fila. Nykaa Fashion, known for its seamless international shopping experience, offers over 600 international brands, making it a preferred destination for high-quality fashion.
Embark on the pinnacle of hydration with Indulgeo Essentials’ Cera-Moist, a ceramide-infused calming moisturizer meticulously crafted to redefine your winter skincare routine. This skin-nourishing marvel features a potent blend of 5 Ceramides (EOP+NS+NP+AS+AP), forming a ‘nail-down formula’ that replicates the skin barrier. Dedicated to tirelessly maintaining moisture levels, it prevents water loss and prolongs the residence time of the product.
As the cream penetrates deeply, it hydrates the skin’s layers, imparting a youthful glow by sealing cracks between skin cells. The powerhouse ingredient, Aquaxyl, takes center stage in supporting hydration, facilitating 3D moisture circulation within the epidermis. This optimization of the skin’s hydrous flow boosts the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) and hyaluronic acid.
Indulgeo Essentials’ Cera-Moist transcends mere hydration; it treats and prevents new acne scars, fortifies the skin barrier, and possesses anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for those with dry, sensitive, or eczema-prone skin. The moisturizer aids in swift recovery after chemical and physical exfoliant treatments, such as lasers and peels, preventing new blemishes and promoting an even skin surface. Moreover, it expedites the healing process for conditions like rosacea and sunburns. Transform your skincare routine with this ultra-soothing moisturizer, revealing resilient, supple, and hydrated skin.
Neha Mehra has become a symbol of affluence for the youngest fashion enthusiasts in India. With an unwavering commitment to seamlessly merging style and comfort, Neha Mehra introduces a captivating world where little fashionistas can authentically express their individuality.
The essence of Neha Mehra’s allure lies in its meticulous attention to detail, with each garment intricately designed to showcase the brand’s dedication to quality craftsmanship. From vibrant hues to delicate embellishments, every element is thoughtfully curated to ensure that young trendsetters radiate confidence and charm through their attire.
The brand’s dedication to comfort is evident in the careful selection of fabrics that pamper the delicate skin of little ones. Soft, breathable materials take center stage, allowing children to move with ease while maintaining a sense of elegance. Neha Mehra recognizes that comfort is non-negotiable, particularly for active and playful youngsters.
Neha Mehra’s commitment extends beyond aesthetics, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability. The brand seamlessly integrates eco-friendly practices into its production process, ensuring that today’s little fashionistas inherit a planet-friendly legacy. This socially responsible approach sets Neha Mehra apart, aligning its values with the growing global consciousness toward ethical fashion.
In the domain of kidswear, Neha Mehra goes beyond being a brand; it forges a lifestyle. It is a celebration of childhood, an ode to innocence, and a canvas for self-expression. As little fashionistas don Neha Mehra creations, they step into a world where luxury converges with playfulness, and opulence becomes not just a visual delight but a tangible, everyday experience.
Renowned audio technology brand, Blaupunkt, has unveiled its latest innovation, the BE100 XTREME Neckband, revolutionizing playtime, comfort, and performance standards in the music industry. Priced at an enticing launch offer of Rs 1,199, these neckband earphones set a new benchmark for users seeking an unparalleled audio experience.
The BE100 XTREME Neckband boasts an extraordinary 99 hours of playtime, reshaping expectations for neckband earphones. Addressing a common concern, it features a charge display, a user-friendly addition keeping users informed about battery status. With high-efficiency batteries and Blaupunkt’s TurboVolt charging technology, the BE100 XTREME charges rapidly, offering extended playtime even with minimal charging time. Designed for long-term use, these neckband earbuds are lightweight, comfortable, and secure, allowing users to wear them for extended periods without discomfort. The real-time power display ensures users are always aware of the remaining battery life, avoiding unexpected interruptions.
The BE100 XTREME incorporates vibration alert technology, enabling users to answer calls discreetly without disturbing those around them. This feature proves especially beneficial in quiet environments, allowing users to stay connected without compromising on privacy. With authentic HD sound and powerful bass, the BE100 XTREME delivers clear audio quality at any volume. Large drivers in each bud analyze sound to provide a smooth and impactful audio experience. Available in two stylish colors – blue and black, the BE100 XTREME not only caters to aesthetic preferences but seamlessly integrates into users’ lifestyles.
Blaupunkt’s BE100 XTREME Neckband is a testament to innovation and excellence in audio technology, pushing boundaries with an unrivaled 100 hours of runtime, comfortable design, unobtrusive vibration alert, and rich HD sound. Whether navigating daily routines or immersing in varied surroundings, the BE100 XTREME ensures a seamless blend of design, comfort, and performance, representing more than just earphones – it’s a lifestyle evolution. Every Blaupunkt device, including the BE100 XTREME, is crafted with premium materials, components, and technology, ensuring unparalleled durability and audio performance.
Trailblazing fashion accessories brand, Miraggio, has successfully concluded a Pre-Series A investment round, securing a total of Rs 10 crore (approx $1.2 million). This substantial investment marks a pivotal moment for Miraggio, transitioning from being a bootstrapped success to embarking on an audacious journey to redefine India’s fashion landscape. The strategic infusion of funds comes at a crucial juncture, propelling Miraggio towards its goal of becoming the leading fashion accessories brand in the country.
In addition to the financial boost, Miraggio has garnered recognition for its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, receiving the Peta Vegan Fashion Award in 2023. This prestigious accolade not only adds to Miraggio’s remarkable achievements but also underscores its alignment with global trends and values, reinforcing its dedication to responsible and environmentally conscious fashion.
Miraggio’s impressive trajectory since its inception in 2020 includes a threefold increase in revenue over the past 12 months and favorable unit economics. The brand’s 140 percent year-over-year growth has attracted a consortium of investors, with the round co-led by Seven Rivers Holding and Magnetic. Seven Rivers Holding is an investment firm with interests in both public and private companies, while Magnetic is an advisory lead investment firm founded by Rajeev Chitrabhanu. These investors bring valuable expertise and experience that aligns seamlessly with Miraggio’s strategic vision.
As the first brand in India to launch fashion accessories every month, Miraggio is committed to pushing boundaries and reshaping the fashion industry narrative. With an ambitious target of achieving an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of Rs 100 crore by 2024, Miraggio plans to allocate funds to expand product categories, including Backpacks, Wallets, and SLGs. The brand’s dedication to innovation will be showcased through groundbreaking marketing initiatives, leveraging AR technology and collaborations with Large Format Retailers to promise an immersive and elevated shopping experience.
Mohit Jain, Founder and CEO Miraggio said, “As the founder of Miraggio, I embarked on a journey fueled by a vision to create fashion accessories that speak to the souls of interesting individuals. This investment paves the way for a future where Miraggio sets the standard for opulent elegance, inspiring discerning individuals to elevate their style to new heights.
Devavrat Jatia CIO of Seven Rivers Holding said, “The women’s handbag category is largely unorganized, and fragmented making it a compelling opportunity for a differentiated, and chic fashion brand to emerge and capture a part of the growing organized market. Miraggio, under the leadership of Mohit, was able to grow 3x in revenue over 12 months while remaining profitable making it a compelling investment opportunity.
Magnetic, through its official spokesperson states, “As working ladies and young girls step out for more experiences, accessorizing is bound to increase. In a short span Miraggio has positioned itself as the go to chic brand that most of the high end influencers and younger celebrities use in their day to day life due to its price, quality, and global trend awareness. With our advisory lead investment model and Seven Rivers Holding, we are happy to support the Mohit and Miraggio team as they will use the capital to build new channels of distribution, a strong team and stronger design capabilities.
In a groundbreaking collaboration, Wrogn, the youth fashion brand co-owned by Virat Kohli, introduces the ‘Wrogn X A47 – The Indian Infantry Collection,’ marking the first-ever army-inspired fashion collaboration in India. Beyond fashion trends, this collection pays homage to the unsung heroes of the Indian armed forces, creating a unique milestone in the country’s fashion industry.
Virat Kohli said, “The real heroes of our country are our armed forces. Every time I wear this, I wear my gratitude. It’s a reminder for those who have taken the fall for me, you, and the entire nation.
Featuring a range of garments such as polos, jackets, camo t-shirts, and hoodies, the collection draws inspiration from the timeless earthy shades worn by the Army—khaki, olive green, camo, and various brown tones. The distinctive detailing on each piece includes army badges, swatches, and motifs from the Kargil war, symbolizing the valor and sacrifices made by the Indian Army in service to the nation.
Vikram Reddy, COO and Co-Founder of WROGN, emphasizes, “This collection transcends mere fashion; it’s a heartfelt tribute to our genuine heroes, the Indian Infantry. Each piece stands as a daily reminder of the sacrifices our armed forces make.
Bhavik Vora, Founder and CEO of Black White Orange/A47 said, “Teaming up with Wrogn to enhance our partnership with The Infantry Museum and Research Centre marks a significant step toward realizing our vision of paying tribute to our true heroes.
Available both online on Myntra, Flipkart,, and offline in Exclusive Brand stores, Shoppers Stop, and Pantaloons through Wrogn’s retail network, the collection ensures easy access for consumers across India. Priced starting at Rs 1049, it aims to instill a sense of pride and gratitude among the citizens.
Frendy has successfully raised a bridge round of Rs 16 crore ($2 million). Spearheading the round are key investors, including Auxano Capital, AT Capital Singapore, Metara Ventures – Priya Joseph, Rohan Jain, and Rishabh Jain (founders of “The Wellness Co.”), Apurva Solapur family office, and existing investor Desai Ventures. The company is considering extending the round up to Rs 24 crore through a follow-on rights issue.
Founded by Sameer Gandotra, a Wharton MBA with a track record of profitable ventures globally, Gowrav Vishwakarma, a Tech Entrepreneur, and Harshad Joshi, a seasoned retail and rural distribution professional, Frendy is based in Ahmedabad and currently operational in 40+ Tier II-VI towns in Gujarat, serving 50,000 customers with over 4,500+ products.
In its second year of operations, Frendy achieved an impressive revenue of Rs 82 crore in FY23, doubling from Rs 40 crore in FY22. The freshly raised capital will be utilized to enhance tech offerings, expand the private label product portfolio, and increase store footprint. Frendy aims to achieve an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of Rs 300 crore in revenue and profitability over the next 24 months, focusing on measured growth within its current geographies.
Frendy’s unique convenience store network combines Franchised Frendy Marts, digitally connected to clusters of Frendy Micro stores. These modern self-serve stores, typically 500-1000 sq. ft, also serve as dark stores for digitally connected micro-stores in a 10 km radius. Micro stores, run by existing families and new home-based setups, carry 100 SKUs, with additional SKUs available on Frendy’s app for customer orders.
The team’s business thesis draws parallels with the growth of home-grown convenience store chains in other emerging market economies. Frendy’s model leverages India’s retail landscape, where 96 percent of stores are smaller than 500 sq. ft, with 85 percent being micro-stores doing less than Rs 2 lakhs in monthly revenue. The emphasis is on leveraging existing micro-stores to create a distribution model with the highest reach, trust, and curation. Women-run micro-stores become a crucial distribution point for a growing e-commerce offering and various digital services, emphasizing private label products and promoting digital shopping adoption.
Gowrav Vishwakarma, Co-Founder Frendy stated, “Tech is the backbone that allows the supply chain to work from the hubs to the spoke micro stores and the digital app used by customers. Our goal is to make the tech platform simple and frictionless for the stakeholders. Secondly to make retail processes more efficient with data-based demand forecasting, auto-replenishment, data-based pricing benchmarking. Finally, to use tech to empower our Franchisees to enhance their business with WhatsApp-based community engagement and marketing tools. We enable the Mart and micro store franchisees to use AI based tools to create and share marketing and merchandising collaterals that are at par with the large print ads taken out by the country’s largest retailers”.
Frendy differentiates itself through its unique micro store plug-in, extensive private label offerings, and an experienced management team with a focus on Bharat. The founders strategically chose Ahmedabad as a base to build a team culturally connected to end consumers in smaller towns and rural areas, combining tech talent with lower overhead costs.
Sameer Gandotra, CEO said, “We spent the first 2 years to build out our micro store thesis and achieved very strong PMF. In our 2nd phase we are going asset and operations light with our Franchised Marts doubling up as a warehouse for our existing micro-stores and in parallel have scaled down our Central warehouse. Our goal for the coming 12 months is to have 40 operational Marts and further build out our private label offering. We have now perfected our business model and will continue to grow with the right unit economics and scale out the model to the rest of Gujarat and then into other states.
In a significant strategic move aimed at fostering micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and bolstering e-commerce exports, Amazon India has inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.
Under this MoU, Amazon and DGFT will collaboratively develop capacity-building sessions, training, and workshops for MSMEs across 75 districts identified by the DGFT. These districts are integral to the Districts as Export Hubs initiative, outlined in the Foreign Trade Policy introduced in March 2023, with the objective of connecting local producers in rural and remote districts to global supply chains.
The signing ceremony witnessed the presence of key figures, including Shri. Santosh Sarangi (Additional Secretary and Director General of DGFT), Chetan Krishnaswamy (Vice President, Public Policy – Amazon), and Bhupen Wakankar (Director Global Trade – Amazon India).
Amazon and DGFT’s collaborative efforts will concentrate on educating MSMEs on e-commerce exports, facilitating their ability to reach customers worldwide. Additionally, Amazon will provide access to a range of third-party service providers, offering services such as imaging, digital cataloging of products, and tax advisory, among others. This initiative aims to empower Indian entrepreneurs to establish and expand their e-commerce export businesses, contributing to the global market.
Shri. Santosh Sarangi, Additional Secretary and Director General of DGFT, emphasized, “The District as Exports Hub initiative is an implementation of Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of converting each district into an export hub.” He highlighted the collaboration with e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, to conduct training and capacity-building sessions in districts as a step towards the goal of enabling $200-300 billion in e-commerce exports from India by 2030.
Bhupen Wakankar, Director Global Trade at Amazon India, expressed optimism about technology adoption playing a pivotal role in expanding export opportunities for lakhs of MSMEs. He noted the significance of the emphasis on e-commerce exports within FTP’23 and the collaboration with DGFT. Amazon is committed to simplifying and enhancing accessibility to exports for businesses of all sizes, working towards the target of enabling $20 billion in cumulative e-commerce exports from India by 2025.
Wellify, a rapidly growing direct-to-consumer (D2C) health and wellness platform by Piramal’s Consumer Product Division (CPD), has announced its collaboration with the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC). This strategic move aims to harness ONDC’s extensive scale to amplify Wellify’s reach in the retail space.
By integrating with the ONDC Network, Wellify’s D2C catalogue, featuring brands such as Lacto Calamine, Littles, CIR, Tri-Activ, Women’s intimate health range, and Tetmosol, becomes discoverable to buyers across the evolving ONDC Network. This integration facilitates seamless transactions and presents the opportunity for consumers to explore Wellify’s diverse product range while shopping on various buyer apps within the expanding network.
As a leader in the D2C sector, Wellify stands out with its innovative offerings in skincare, baby care, women’s intimate health, home essentials, and more. Leveraging the Shopalyst ONDC connector, the platform aims to establish multiple consumer touchpoints through disruptive innovations.
T Koshy, CEO and MD, ONDC, commented, “Wellify joining the ONDC Network represents a key step in India’s health and wellness landscape. This collaboration opens the doors to a healthier and more accessible future for all. Through ONDC, we are determined to revolutionize the way consumers access and experience a well-rounded and healthier lifestyle.”
Nitish Bajaj, CEO, Piramal CPD, expressed excitement, saying, “We are thrilled to be one of the first players in the health and wellness space in India to join the ONDC Network. As a company that is always looking to innovate and disrupt the market, joining the ONDC Network will help Wellify achieve additional scale. This integration will help us widen our reach, be easily accessible to consumers across the country, and provide them with our innovative range of products.”
Girish Ramachandra, CEO of Shopalyst, added, “We are excited to collaborate with Piramal Group in their journey to join and thrive on the ONDC Network. We believe in the transformative potential of ONDC for brands to get discovered by consumers and grow their online sales.”
Wellify, Piramal’s D2C store, has experienced exponential growth over the last 18 months, contributing significantly to Piramal CPD’s overall e-commerce revenue, with a trajectory set to reach 10 percent by FY24.
India’s premier Fit-Tech brand, FITPASS, is strategically broadening its footprint to redefine fitness access nationwide. With plans to extend its presence into 15 new cities by the end of 2024, FITPASS has witnessed a significant surge in growth, incorporating an impressive 2,000 gyms and fitness centers over the past year. This milestone propels FITPASS’s network to an unmatched 7,500+ establishments across India, establishing it as the country’s largest single fitness membership service, providing unprecedented flexibility and access in 1277 pin codes.
The expansion into new cities is a calculated response to the increasing demand for affordable and accessible fitness solutions in previously unexplored markets. FITPASS aims to encourage individuals to prioritize their health and well-being by making fitness more convenient. Members will benefit from access to an extensive network of 7,500+ gyms and studios, along with in-app features such as fitness content, personalized diet plans, and an AI-powered fitness coach.
While firmly establishing its presence in major metropolitan areas and Tier ll and Tier lll cities, FITPASS is venturing into additional Tier-ll and Tier-lll cities like Nagpur, Nashik, Mysore, Trivandrum, Rohtak, Meerut, and more. The overarching goal is to consistently target at least three new cities every quarter across India, inspiring millions to embark on or enhance their fitness journeys.
FITPASS challenges the notion that fitness should be constrained by lifestyle, advocating that it should be an integral part of it. Through its innovative membership model, FITPASS offers unparalleled access to a diverse range of fitness centers, featuring over 2,25,000 workout options such as gym, yoga, Zumba, Pilates, swimming, Crossfit, and more. In a highly competitive industry, FITPASS recorded over 13,00,000 downloads last year alone, with a significant number of lifetime downloads.
Arushi Verma, Co-founder of FITPASS said, “In the past year, FITPASS has successfully partnered with over 2,000 gyms and fitness centers, expanding our network to cater to a wider audience. This expansion has fortified our presence and foothold in our existing 40 cities. Our efforts have yielded remarkable results, with a significant 116 percent growth in new subscribers. Additionally, we are proud to have 67 percent of our subscribers become repeat customers, demonstrating their satisfaction with our platform and the benefits it offers.
FITPASS caters to diverse fitness needs through four membership options: FITPASS, offering nationwide access to gyms and fitness centers; FITFEAST, providing round-the-clock in-app personal nutritionist services; and FITCOACH, an AI-enabled fitness coach tailored to individual requirements. Additionally, FITPASS introduced FITPASS-TV during the lockdown, delivering fitness at home through certified trainers.
Akshay Verma, Co-founder of FITPASS, emphasized, “In 2015, FITPASS made its debut with the goal of democratizing fitness in India through tech-driven accessibility. By dispelling the notion of fitness as a luxury, we established it as an accessible and convenient option. We undertook a transformative initiative by challenging and reshaping the conventional annual subscription model, breaking it down into more flexible components such as monthly and quarterly plans. This groundbreaking strategy garnered continuous engagement from our partners, leading to strong and ongoing partnerships. Additionally, we also recognized the significance of employee well-being and its direct impact on an organization’s overall success. In line with this, we introduced our employee wellness program this year, which has already gained traction with over 5,00,000 employees across various organizations.
Beauty brand Conscious Chemist has successfully raised an undisclosed amount from Inflection Point Ventures, marking a strategic move to fortify its position in India’s burgeoning beauty and skincare market. The funds secured will primarily be allocated towards diversifying product categories, intensifying brand visibility through marketing endeavors, and establishing offline retail locations.
Founded in 2019 by Robin Gupta and Prakher Mathur, Conscious Chemist distinguishes itself as a science-backed beauty brand with a mission to dispel chemical apprehensions through evidence-based solutions. Presently boasting a portfolio of 29 performance-oriented and Made Safe certified products, the brand places a premium on ingredient transparency and clinically proven activities to deliver tangible results in skincare. Co-Founder Prakher Mathur, leveraging his expertise in content marketing and sales from previous roles at PropTiger and Schindler, collaborates with Robin Gupta to propel the brand’s mission forward.
Ivy Chin, Partner, Inflection Point Ventures said, “In the last 3 – 5 years, there has been a clear change in the consumer behaviour wrt to beauty and skincare. Emergence of influencers and celebrities sharing their beauty regimen has only propelled the narrative around clean and sustainable beauty products and rightfully so. Legacy and new age brands entering this segment will only help grow this market faster and we believe that Conscious Chemist has carved out the right niche with its purpose driven philosophy of building the brand. At IPV, it has always been important to back businesses that are not only building profitable growth trajectory but also conscious about the planet.
Conscious Chemist, operating at a considerable scale, achieves monthly sales exceeding 25,000 units across India. The brand not only caters to a broad customer base nationwide but also boasts a presence in prominent retail chains such as Health and Glow and Shoppers Stop.
The brand’s key strengths lie in its innovative, issue-specific skincare solutions for challenges like sun damage, acne, aging, and hyperpigmentation. With products designed around clinical actives, Conscious Chemist caters to skincare beginners while maintaining a strong focus on delivering results. In an era where honesty and transparency are valued, the brand stands out by empowering consumers with informed choices, fostering trust in the efficacy of its products.
Robin Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder, Conscious Chemist said,” Needs and choices of Indian consumers have evolved significantly over the last 5 years. Now consumers are looking for more specific and evidence led solutions tailored to their concerns. We have remained consistent on our product and brand philosophy of delivering science and evidence backed skincare for all genders. We have grown close to 110 percent yoy. This partnership with IPV will allow us to execute our business plan and grow more than 50 percent qoq at healthy EBITDA levels. The capital acquired will help us to amplify our brand voice. We will double down on our digital footprint with deeper penetration into online marketplaces while optimising our offline channels”.
In light of India’s Beauty and Personal Care Market projected to reach $35.21 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 6.286 percent, Conscious Chemist’s strategic partnership with Inflection Point Ventures positions the brand to capitalize on this upward trajectory. Notable milestones, including a customer base of 350,000 and a robust presence on Instagram with 61,000 followers, underscore the brand’s strong customer retention and product loyalty.
Renowned child clothing brand ED-A-MAMMA, founded by Bollywood luminary Alia Bhatt, has recently entered into a strategic partnership with The Disposal Company to recycle a significant volume of plastic from the environment. This collaboration underscores ED-A-MAMMA’s steadfast commitment to sustainability, marking a substantial step in minimizing its environmental footprint and contributing meaningfully to global initiatives combatting plastic pollution.
By aligning with The Disposal Company, ED-A-MAMMA is proactively addressing the root cause of plastic pollution through active participation in recycling programs. This move not only underscores the brand’s dedication to environmental stewardship but also positions ED-A-MAMMA as a trailblazer, setting a precedent for other entities within the sector to emulate.
What distinguishes ED-A-MAMMA is not merely its recycling endeavors but its unique standing as a plastic-positive brand. Departing from industry norms, the brand has, since its inception, eradicated the use of plastic in both its product manufacturing and packaging processes, marking it as an industry pioneer in sustainable practices.
As part of its plastic-positive commitment, ED-A-MAMMA encourages its clientele to contribute to the cause with every purchase. The innovative approach invites patrons to add a nominal sum to their invoice, facilitating their support for the recovery of 400gm of post-consumer plastic waste from Indian landfills for each additional rupee. This collaborative initiative represents a harmonious fusion of innovation and environmental responsibility, establishing a new benchmark for sustainability within the fashion industry. TDC and ED-A-MAMMA extend an invitation to all stakeholders to join this transformative journey toward responsible fashion, empowering the younger generation to embrace style with a purpose.
Bhagyashree Bhansali, Founder of The Disposal Company said, “Ed-a-Mamma has not only garnered praise from conscious consumers but has also become an inspiring force for other brands to follow, encouraging them to prioritize sustainability and contribute to a more environmentally conscious society. TDC offers solutions that empower brands to become plastic-neutral and actively contribute to a cleaner environment”.
In a world grappling with urgent concerns of climate change and environmental degradation, ED-A-MAMMA is leading by example, demonstrating that businesses can prosper while prioritizing sustainability. The brand’s endeavors transcend the realm of product creation, embodying a commitment to making a positive impact on the planet.
America’s cherished personal care brand, Botanic Hearth, renowned for its comprehensive range of face care, body care, and hair care products, has officially entered the Indian market. The brand, celebrated for harmonizing potent actives with botanical richness, is set to redefine personal care routines with its commitment to addressing diverse skin, body, and hair care needs.
Established in 2018 in the United States, Botanic Hearth has garnered acclaim for its line of personal care products, characterized by the absence of harmful substances and the infusion of botanical excellence. Now operating under the Mensa House of Brands, the brand strategically ventures into the Indian retail landscape through online e-commerce platforms and its dedicated website. The product portfolio includes face washes, body washes, shampoos, and conditioners, each crafted by combining exotic botanicals with efficacious actives, promising an unparalleled personal care experience. Notably, these cruelty-free, sulphate-free, and paraben-free formulations are tailored specifically for the nuances of Indian skin.
Botanic Hearth’s entry into the Indian market signals a noteworthy convergence of international acclaim and local adaptability, further enriching the landscape of personal care choices for discerning consumers.
Ananth Narayanan, Founder and CEO, Mensa Brands said, “We are ecstatic to bring Botanic Hearth to India. In 5 years, Botanic Hearth has grown to be a bestseller on leading online channels in America, and has made a mark for itself as a brand offering safe and affordable products with superior formulations. We are now looking forward to taking the India market by storm and are sure that our consumers will enjoy our exciting range of products.
For almost five decades, The Body Shop has been synonymous with ethical gifting, transforming gifts into symbols of hope. Enriched with ingredients or packaging sourced from their Community Fair Trade partners, these gifts reflect the spirit of giving. Each purchase goes beyond celebrating with loved ones; it extends love to communities worldwide.
In an effort to make this festive season even more special, The Body Shop India has introduced bespoke recycled cotton gift pouches. Customers can fill these pouches with their favorite treats, skillfully crafted by Teddy Exports, The Body Shop’s inaugural Community Fair Trade partner in India. Each pouch carries the uplifting stories of the incredible women working at Teddy Exports. This initiative not only provides a fair income but also meaningful employment to over 600 individuals, such as artisan Murugeswari, who has been able to provide educational support for her children, and Kasthuri, who has received tailoring training in a supportive environment.
Tara Murphy, Operations Coordinator at Teddy Exports, expressed, “At Teddy Exports, we are immensely proud to have worked with The Body Shop for over 35 years. Our artisans work diligently to produce these recycled cotton gift pouches that hold the essence of festive joy. Together with The Body Shop, we are not just crafting pouches; we are crafting a brighter, more hopeful future for all.
Harmeet Singh, VP of Marketing E-commerce and Product, Asia South, The Body Shop stated, “As we share this video with the world, we want you to feel the heartbeat of The Body Shop. ‘Spark A Change’ is an emotional and inspiring journey for us. It’s about the connections we make, the lives we touch, and the positive change we help create together.
To further ignite change, The Body Shop India has launched a donation campaign, encouraging customers to make an impact with every purchase. Customers can contribute multiples of 10 rupees until the end of 2023 to support Teddy Trust’s pioneering projects.
HealthMug, a prominent online platform in the health and wellness sector, is pleased to announce its strategic collaboration with OMEO, a distinguished skincare brand. This partnership signifies a crucial milestone for both companies as they unite to provide a distinctive combination of natural and homoeopathic skincare solutions to an extended audience.
OmeoCare, a brand under BJain, has established its reputation on a philosophy deeply grounded in natural ingredients and scientific innovation. Their products, formulated with botanical extracts, essential oils, and plant-based ingredients, distinguish the brand as one that is free from harmful chemicals and toxins. The collaboration with aims to fortify the position of both organizations, enabling them to reach a broader audience and deliver exceptional skincare experiences.
Saurav Singh the Sr. Category Manager at HealthMug said, “We collaborated with Team BJainOmeo as their business completely aligns with our company mission and values. This partnership is an opportunity to leverage our organizational strengths and create something truly remarkable for our consumers. The Beauty and Personal Care market in India is expected to grow annually by 3.04% (CAGR 2023-2028). Together, we will be trying to attain a good sales number in the upcoming quarter and contribute to the exponential growth in the current sales for the particular category.
Ajay Mahajan, the Marketing Manager of OMEO said, “At OMEO, we believe in a philosophy deeply rooted in nature and science. Our products are infused with botanical extracts, essential oils, and plant-based ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and toxins. OMEO brand collaboration with (Online business partner) will provide us with opportunities to extend our reach to an even wider audience pool. We look forward to working hand-in-hand to explore new marketing strategies, expand our product offerings, and deliver exceptional experiences to customers on HealthMug.
Both companies are excited about the prospect of combining their expertise to provide high-quality, nature-inspired skincare solutions to a huge range of audience.
Zappfresh, the sole profitable meat delivery platform in India, is pleased to announce a funding round of Rs 30 crore (approximately $4.3 million). The investment comes from a consortium of investors including Ah! Ventures, HT Media, Unity SFB, and Heifer Impact, marking a significant milestone in Zappfresh’s growth trajectory.
The freshly injected funds will be strategically employed for acquisitions, expansions, and infrastructure upgrades in both the North and South markets. The company, unique in its profitability, also plans to introduce new product lines to cater to evolving customer preferences, offering a variety of poultry, goat meat, seafood, and ready-to-eat items. This funding round signifies a substantial step in Zappfresh’s journey, reinforcing its commitment to delivering high-quality, fresh meat to consumers across the country.
Deepanshu Manchanda, Founder of Zappfresh said, “We are extremely delighted to welcome our new partners on board. Their support will be instrumental in launching a variety of strategic initiatives. This collaboration will not only help us expand our reach but also build more traction in our diverse product portfolio, which includes poultry, goat meat, seafood, and ready-to-eat products. We are excited about the opportunities this partnership will unlock, allowing us to serve our customers better and redefine the meat delivery landscape in India.
Zappfresh’s profitability sets it apart in the market, and with the new funds, the company plans to acquire new entities and diversify its product range, further solidifying its position in the market.
Pranjit Talukdar, representative of Heifer Impact, remarked, “Our partnership with Zappfresh is set to improve the livelihoods of many small holder women backyard poultry producers in the country, helping them expand their market reach and generate substantial income.
With this funding infusion, Zappfresh is poised to revolutionize the meat industry, offering consumers a broader range of products while maintaining its commitment to quality and freshness. The company anticipates a future of continued growth and success.
EVM, a renowned brand for computing and mobility products owned by Hundia Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd, introduces the EnMag Neo Power Bank, a 10,000mAh capacity device with Magsafe compatibility. This Made in India power bank caters to the needs of modern, on-the-go consumers, offering seamless wireless and PD charging support for their gadgets. EVM’s product range extends to high-quality IT and telecom products, including internal and external SSDs, RAM, wireless headsets, GAN chargers, and more, addressing the diverse needs of tech enthusiasts in the retail sector.
The EnMag Neo is not just a power bank; it’s a technological symphony, featuring a 15W wireless output, 22.5W PD Fast Charging, and an elegant and compact design that seamlessly integrates into the user’s lifestyle. The device goes beyond mere functionality, incorporating a built-in kickstand for a cinematic charging experience or enhanced video calls. Equipped with LED indicators and a USB-C port for easy recharging, the EnMag Neo ensures a user-friendly experience.
Safety is paramount, with built-in protection against over-voltage and overheating to guarantee the safe charging of devices. Weighing a mere 194 grams and measuring 1.7 cm in thickness, the EnMag Neo’s lightweight design ensures portability for users on the move.
Ankit Shah, COO of EVM India said, “We are thrilled to present the revolutionary EnMag Neo – a superbly crafted compact power bank tailor-made for the needs of our vibrant Indian lifestyle. The EnMag Neo, boasting cutting-edge PD charging capabilities and seamless MagSafe compatibility, has been intricately designed to perfectly align with the fast-paced demands of our dynamic and diverse society.
EVM, with a commitment to customer service through a network of 500+ service locations across the country, also takes a socially responsible approach. The company donates Rs 10 to a child cancer fund for every product sold, reflecting its dedication to making a positive impact on the community.
In summary, EVM’s EnMag series emerges as an excellent choice for those seeking a stylish, multifunctional, and reliable charging solution. With unique features, affordable pricing, and a commitment to social responsibility, EVM solidifies its position as a leader in the Indian market for IT and telecom products in the retail sector.
In a significant development, Amazon India and the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) under the Ministry of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways have formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to revolutionize the transportation of customer packages through inland waterways. This groundbreaking initiative positions Amazon India as the first e-commerce company in the country to harness the potential of Inland Water Transport, aligning with its commitment to fortify transportation infrastructure in India. The collaboration resonates with the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision for expanding the use of inland waterways as an affordable and sustainable mode of transportation.
Under the terms of this MoU, Amazon India and IWAI will collaborate to facilitate containerized cargo movement and establish a network for utilizing inland waterways for cargo shipment. Amazon India will commence the exploration of inland waterways as part of its supply chain, initiating a pilot run on the Patna to Kolkata waterways with the support of IWAI and its carriers. This initiative reinforces Amazon India’s dedication to enhancing capacity to meet growing customer demand and collaborating with government authorities on mutually beneficial projects for the e-commerce industry.
Shri Sarbananda Sonowal, Hon’ble Cabinet Minister, Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Government of India, remarked, “This MoU with Amazon India marks a significant step towards harnessing the potential of India’s Inland Water Transport. Our focus is on increasing cargo movement through river systems, which is a more sustainable and economical mode of transport. I congratulate Amazon India in their endeavor to collaborate with IWAI to create a waterways transportation solution. This initiative is a reflection of the importance of sustainable logistics solutions in India’s rapidly expanding e-commerce sector.
This strategic collaboration between IWAI and Amazon India is poised to drive innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in cargo transportation, contributing to India’s economic growth and development.
Abhinav Singh, Vice President, Operations, Amazon India, expressed, “This MoU between Amazon India and the Inland Waterways Authority of India is poised to develop a transformative offering that will open up new possibilities for all e-commerce companies to leverage the country’s extensive inland waterways. We remain committed to our global mission to transform the future of logistics and seek to harness the potential of the country’s rivers, canals, and other water bodies to enhance logistics and transportation efficiency for the Indian e-commerce industry at large.
With the introduction of inland waterways operations, Amazon will optimize all available modes of transport in the country, including Rail, Air, Water, and Surface, ensuring faster, cost-effective, sustainable, and more reliable delivery of customer packages while providing a wider reach to its millions of sellers.
In a noteworthy celebration of contemporary femininity, Arvino, the international jewelry brand, has introduced its latest collection tailored for the upcoming festive season. Committed to providing handcrafted luxury jewelry that seamlessly marries beauty and accessibility, Arvino’s style is relentlessly modern, transcending trends and standing the test of time. The newly revealed assortment of colored gemstone jewelry underscores Arvino’s dedication to honoring the diverse spectrum of femininity, each design serving as a tribute to the inherent strength, sensuality, and sophistication of the everyday woman.
The collection boasts pieces adorned with multi-colored zircon gemstones and pearls, crafted from recycled metal with 22kt gold plating, offering a perfect complement to the festive season. From earrings and necklaces to rings and bracelets, this range of vibrant-colored gemstone jewelry effortlessly enhances any festive ensemble when paired with ethnic attire. The infusion of rich hues such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires adds a touch of glamour to traditional attire, allowing the brilliance of gemstones to mirror the joyous spirit of the season.
Beyond its aesthetic allure, Arvino stands out for its unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in the retail jewelry sector. Utilizing 100 percent recycled metals and conflict-free stones in its designs, the brand embraces a dedication to sustainability and responsible manufacturing. Arvino’s production process is geared towards achieving zero waste, ensuring that every piece of jewelry is ethically and responsibly produced. This unique combination of elegance and ethical practices sets Arvino apart in the contemporary jewelry landscape, providing consumers with an opportunity to embrace style with a conscientious touch.
The Dharampal Satyapal Group (DS Group), a prominent multi-business corporation and leading FMCG conglomerate, has strategically launched Läderach’s online operations in Mumbai, reinforcing Läderach India’s presence in the luxury retail sector and bringing the renowned Swiss chocolate brand closer to consumers.
With this move, customers in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai gain online access to Läderach’s extensive array of premium chocolate products, including FrischSchoggi, tablets, pralines, truffles, and exquisite gift collections.
The decision to expand Läderach’s availability in Mumbai stems from the encouraging responses and growing demand in the city, celebrated for its vibrant luxury market and influential community. The DS Group, recognizing the potential in Mumbai, has invested in enhancing its cold chain capabilities to maintain the exceptional quality of Läderach products.
Sanskriti Gupta, Läderach India said, “We are thrilled to introduce Läderach’s exceptional Swiss chocolates in Mumbai. The resounding success of Läderach’s online and offline presence in Delhi has warmed our hearts, reaffirming customers’ deep love and appreciation for Läderach. The Mumbai market, with its evolving consumer demographics, holds immense potential for the brand. We have been inundated with inquiries from enthusiastic chocolate connoisseurs in Mumbai, and the excitement surrounding our arrival in the city is palpable. We take great pride in providing the same extensive range of premium chocolates online, mirroring our offerings in Delhi, to ensure that our customers in Mumbai can savor the complete Läderach experience.
Earlier this year, DS Group announced an exclusive partnership with Läderach, marking the Swiss chocolate brand’s debut in the Indian market. The collaboration witnessed the successful inauguration of a Läderach store in the Delhi NCR region, situated in DLF Emporio Mall, offering an immersive in-store experience tailored to the discerning tastes of customers.
Gurugram-based startup Happie Curves, specializing in plus-size innerwear and comfort clothing, has successfully raised an angel funding of Rs 20 Lakhs, diluting 30 percent equity. The funding was secured from two distinguished angel investors, Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder of EaseMyTrip, and Aparna Thyagarajan, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Shobitam Inc. The equity deal transpired following Happie Curves’ participation in ‘Indian Angels,’ the world’s first OTT angel investment show, currently accessible on the JioCinema platform.
Having been bootstrapped since its inception, the startup intends to employ the newly raised capital strategically. The focus lies on expanding business operations, enhancing brand value, and reaching a wider audience across India. Happie Curves aims to position itself as the leading and most sought-after brand in the plus-size/curvy category.
Sonal Somani, Founder, Happie Curves said, “I am thrilled to get the backing of two renowned Angels for my venture, whose investments in Happie Curves not just validates the huge promise and potential of my business idea, but also reaffirms and strengthens our belief that every woman deserves to be happy, and deserves to feel good from outside and within. And to enable that, diverse body type inclusive clothing is, of course, the way to go. Beyond the funding support, the immense experience and knowledge of these Angels will help us to learn valuable entrepreneurial lessons, grow, and be able to scale the brand rapidly and efficiently in the upcoming months and years. Getting support from these big stalwarts of the startup world itself is a huge achievement, and marks a significant milestone in our journey of taking Happie Curves to the next level of phenomenal growth.
Our biggest achievement to date is the widespread acceptance and love received by the brand amongst the country’s plus-size women – for so many of whom Happie Curves’ comfortable and trendy bralettes and lingerie items have emerged as a game-changer. Going forward, we will endeavor to reach out with our inclusive and stylish offerings to the TAM entirely by scaling the brand, and in the long run, ultimately striving to make it the numero uno brand in India for the curvy-plus-size community. In the process of doing that, Happie Curves will continue to innovate constantly, and we will never cease to embrace and celebrate ‘curves’ as we attempt to expand into new forms of comfort clothing and athleisure shortly,” added Somani.
The significant challenge in the plus-size intimatewear market in India is the unavailability of sizes, with existing brands often neglecting the plus-size segment. Happie Curves aims to address this gap by offering fashionable fits for curvy individuals, providing a range of intimate wear, beachwear, swimwear, and more, all Made in India with top-quality fabrics.
As a one-woman army, Sonal Somani has led Happie Curves to increased acceptance and success, utilizing her background in finance and law, coupled with her experience as a digital marketer. The startup, initially targeting metro cities and tier-II cities, has organically gained popularity across various smaller cities in India, marking a positive trajectory for the brand’s growth.
T.A.C, The Ayurveda Company, is pleased to announce that Shreedha Singh, CEO and Co-Founder, has made a substantial investment in Shree Radhe Dairy Farms, with a particular focus on their renowned brand, Vastu Ghee, facilitated through the groundbreaking show ‘Indian Angels.’ In a collective effort with four other angel investors, Singh invested Rs 2 crore for a 2 percent stake in the enterprise.
‘Indian Angels’ stands out as a pioneering show highlighting visionaries making significant contributions to diverse industries. Beyond providing aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to secure crucial investments, the platform encourages viewers to become investors, fostering a culture of innovation and support. Shreedha Singh’s participation as an angel investor not only marks a strategic investment but also serves as an inspiration, especially for women making strides in shaping India’s corporate landscape.
Shreedha Singh commented, “The founders of Shree Radhe Dairy Farms showcase a humble beginning and on-ground domain expertise. Their journey from a modest start to achieving a revenue of 100 crore with a 3 percent profit margin reflects their dedicated efforts. India’s status as the world’s leading dairy supplier provides ample opportunities for growth in the industry. It’s not just about dairy; it’s about having a vision, working hard, and being in a market that demands real and high-quality products. I am proud to be part of their journey.
Shree Radhe Dairy Farms, known for manufacturing Vastu Ghee, boasts over 12 years of experience in the food and beverage sector, particularly in dairy. With a team that has grown from 12 to over 400 individuals, their product line, including Pure Desi Ghee, enjoys a reputation for authenticity and purity. With a network of more than 2000 distributors and 200,000 retailers nationwide, Vastu Ghee has become a household name.
Produced in a world-class, safe environment, Vastu Ghee is free from adulterants and artificial enhancers. The company prioritizes the well-being of its cattle, following safe farming practices that result in authentic and pure milk and dairy products. Shreedha Singh’s investment signifies a commitment to supporting businesses with a clear vision for growth, scalability, and a strong commitment to excellence. This move reflects her dedication to promoting indigenous and authentic Indian brands, showcasing the vast opportunities for success across the country.
Shopsy by Flipkart, a rapidly growing hyper-value e-commerce platform in India, recently concluded the inaugural edition of its festive shopping event – Big Diwali Sale from October 27 to October 29, and the second edition is currently underway until November 11, 2023. With a price range starting at Rs. 5, the sale encompassed an extensive catalog ranging from clothing to home decor. Notably, the event witnessed a surge in demand from Bharat, with sellers from diverse regions collaborating to cater to millions of customers.
During the sale, Shopsy experienced heightened customer activity, with approximately 40 percent of new users on the platform. Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu emerged as the states contributing to the highest orders, with over 70 percent of customers hailing from Tier ll and lll+ cities nationwide. Categories such as home decor, fashion, and hair accessories prominently led the demand chart. The platform remains committed to providing an extensive range of engaging products at affordable prices, emphasizing its role as a value-centric and trustworthy retail hub.
Since its launch in July 2021, Shopsy has been dedicated to making digital commerce accessible across India, currently offering approximately 150 million products across various categories for customers in the country. The focus on regional sellers and the surge in demand during the festive sale underscore Shopsy’s significant impact on promoting retail growth in India’s diverse market landscape.
In the relentless battle against the adverse effects of pollution, heat, and chemical treatments on hair, personal care brand Clensta introduces a groundbreaking solution with its new Eggstreme range. Recognizing the restorative potential of egg protein, Clensta integrates this natural elixir into a comprehensive line of products designed not only to revitalize and nourish hair but also to enhance the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.
Partner and Investor, Parineeti Chopra said, “I’m very excited to introduce our customers to Clensta’s revolutionary Eggstreme range. We’ve taken the goodness of nature, deployed innovative technology, and backed our R&D with science to present these products to you. This range is packed with the goodness of eggs, rich in protein, biotin, and Vitamins A and E, which promote hair growth, and renewal and provide nourishment to the hair roots. I am confident that once people use these products, they will be hooked on them. Can’t wait for you all to try our protein-packed bottles.
Clensta’s Eggstreme range, formulated with the powerful benefits of egg protein, emerges as a unique and effective solution for comprehensive hair care, ushering in a natural approach to address the challenges posed by modern-day hair care practices.
Hyphen, the visionary skincare brand, marked a significant milestone as Kriti Sanon introduced their highly anticipated product range – The VIP Lip Balms. The official reveal took place at Nykaaland, an extravagant offline event that seamlessly blended entertainment, beauty, and skincare. Hyphen showcased its commitment to delivering high-quality, effective, and affordable skincare solutions to meet the passionate demands of its valued customers.
At the star-studded Nykaaland event, Kriti Sanon personally launched the Hyphen Lip Balm range, utilizing the offline platform to provide an engaging and interactive experience. The event served as a testament to the brand’s dedication to skincare excellence and its responsiveness to customer preferences.
The newly introduced Lip Balm range includes the Vitamin-Infused Peptide Lip Balm – Vanilla, catering to all skin types. Priced at Rs 349 for a 10g quantity, this product offers deep hydration, lip smoothening, and moisture barrier repair, harnessing the power of Peptides, Vitamin E, Linoleic Acid, Squalane, and Shea Butter. The same benefits are mirrored in the Vitamin-Infused Peptide Lip Balm – Peach, also priced at Rs 349 for a 10g quantity.
For sun protection, Hyphen presents the All I Need LipScreen – SPF 30, Fragrance and Flavor Free, suitable for all skin types. Priced at Rs 399 for a 10g quantity, it combines lip moisturization and sun protection with ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Kojic acid, and Avocado Oil, enriched with Pomegranate Oil.
In her role as Chief Customer Officer, Kriti Sanon expressed her pride and excitement in introducing Hyphen’s intensely hydrating lip balms, created in response to popular demand. The Nykaaland launch event exemplified Hyphen’s commitment to innovative skincare solutions, offering the VIP Lip Balm line for purchase on their official website and leading e-commerce platforms, including Nykaa, Amazon, and Flipkart. It’s a harmonious blend of science and nature for all lip care needs.

This festive season, the esteemed kitchen and home products brand, Prestige, is poised to offer unbeatable discounts and exclusive offers to customers, available exclusively on the ONDC Network. Throughout the month of Diwali 2023, customers can enjoy up to a 50 percent discount on select Prestige products, coupled with an additional 5 percent off when making purchases through the ONDC Network. This limited-time offer encompasses a variety of popular Prestige items, including Prestige Svachh Press Cookers, Prestige Nakshatra Pressure Cooker Handis, Prestige Platina Cookware Sets, Prestige Regal Mixer Grinder, and more.
The special offer extends until Diwali 2023, providing customers with an opportunity to kickstart the festive season by acquiring their favorite Prestige products at exceptional prices. The collaboration is particularly noteworthy for the convenience it offers to shoppers, allowing them to make purchases through the ONDC Network on various platforms, including Paytm, Pincode, Mystore, and Craftsvilla. This ensures easy access to the best deals on Prestige products during the festive retail period.
T Koshy, MD and CEO at ONDC said,  “We are delighted to have Prestige, an iconic brand in the world of kitchen appliances and cookware, offer exclusive discounts on ONDC Network. Diwali is an important shopping festival in India and we are excited to have a renowned brand like Prestige participate in the exclusive offerings. At ONDC, we’re dedicated to providing seamless shopping experiences, and this collaboration takes convenience to the next level by bringing Prestige’s stores right to the customer’s doorstep. This is a testament to the power of digital commerce in simplifying the lives of consumers, and we’re excited to make this exclusive offer available to all shoppers across India.
Chandru Kalro, MD at TTK Prestige Ltd resonated a similar sentiment, “TTK Prestige has onboarded onto the ONDC Network to help Prestige’s channel partners to be a part of India’s ecommerce growth story. We at TTK Prestige are super excited about this and in the first phase, orders generated will be fulfilled by TTKPL’s ecommerce warehouses or one of the 550 Prestige Xclusive stores. Going forward the company plans to onboard its premium channel partners to be a part of this initiative as well. We look at providing increased value to our consumers by passing on savings in the cost of transacting and speed of fulfillment. TTK Prestige is at the forefront of innovation and being the first kitchenware brand to be on ONDC Network is a testimony to that.
In a vibrant corner of the bustling Indian retail market, a remarkable journey is unfolding. Norse Brands, renowned for its exquisite home and lifestyle products originating from the scenic landscapes of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, has endowed the Indian landscape with its opulent ‘Nordic Sleep by Fossflakes’ collection. It’s not just another product introduction; it’s a story of craftsmanship, innovation, and comfort that transports one to the serene Nordic regions.
Led by Henrik Haagen, Arti Gudal and Bala Venkatesan, Norse Brands has always been a name synonymous with luxury and refinement, and this new collection encapsulates the essence of their brand like never before. This fusion of design brilliance and an unwavering commitment to excellence is set to leave an indelible mark on the Indian retail scene.
A Nordic Tale of Comfort
From the heart of Denmark, ‘Nordic Sleep’ by Fossflakes is a name that invokes images of sustainability, high quality, and an unparalleled commitment to comfort. Their unique filling technique is inspired by the natural air-trapping abilities of down and feathers, and it has resulted in a range of products known for their hypoallergenic properties and remarkable durability. Fossflakes caters to a myriad of needs, offering specialized pillows for adults and children, such as Chiropractic, Nursing, Maternity, and Ergonomic pillows. The collection even extends its warmth to the furry members of your family with thoughtfully designed Pet Beds, tailored for the comfort and well-being of pets, leaving pet parents beaming with joy.
A Vision of Elegance
Henrik Haagen, the Co-Founder & Director of Norse Brands, couldn’t be more thrilled about this new chapter. He shared, “The introduction of the Nordic Sleep collection to the Indian market fills us with pride, especially at a time when India is focusing on lifestyle changes and prioritizing quality sleep. Our offerings are more than just products; they are a reflection of Norse and Nordic culture, offering our customers an immersive experience of elegance and comfort. We believe this collaboration will resonate with those who appreciate exceptional quality and style, and value a good night’s sleep.”
But that’s not all; Norse Brands has even more surprises up its sleeve. The brand is also introducing the exquisite glassware brand, ‘Frederik Bagger,’ to India through its retail partners, and it’s focusing on Home as a holistic approach. The future, it seems, holds more delights in store.
A Union of Excellence
Rajjnish Aroraa, the Vice Chairman, and Nimish Arora, the Managing Director, representing Dicitex Furnishings Group, are equally excited about the partnership. They shared, “Our collaboration with Norse Brands is a significant milestone in our commitment to provide top-notch home furnishing solutions. We are thrilled to bring the luxurious Nordic Sleep by Fossflakes collection to the discerning Indian audience, adding timeless charm and unmatched comfort to their lifestyle. We emphasize sleep as the most crucial aspect of complete well-being.”
Both Norse Brands and Dicitex Furnishings are renowned names in their respective fields, and their union promises a synergy of excellence that will undoubtedly reshape the retail landscape in India. Established in May 1999, Dicitex Furnishings is a pioneering name in the home furnishings industry. Under the visionary leadership of the late Lt. Manohar Lal, the company has flourished into a powerhouse of technology and style in the Home Decor Industry. Today, led by Rajjnish Aroraa and Nimish Arora, Dicitex operates four vertically integrated units, encompassing various stages from yarn spinning and fabric weaving to the creation of exquisite finished products for refined living.
Amid growing nationwide concerns regarding substandard air quality, the pressing need for indoor air purification solutions that are highly effective and environmentally responsible has become increasingly evident. As we collectively commit to safeguarding the health of our families and the environment, Nirvana Being is proud to introduce the revolutionary MESP (Micro-electrostatic Precipitator) Air Sterilizing Purifier. This state-of-the-art device marks a significant advancement in the realm of portable air purifiers, ushering in a new era of electronic air purification technology. It not only ensures the cleanliness of indoor air but also delivers exceptional energy efficiency.
The MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier utilizes a powerful electric field to charge airborne particles, subsequently attracting and capturing them on the MESP filter. This filter is crafted from a unique nano PP material that is not only washable but also reusable, eliminating the need for costly filter replacements.
Jai Dhar Gupta, the Founder of Nirvana Being said, “We are thrilled to introduce the MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier, representing a groundbreaking innovation in portable air purification this Diwali. Considering the current air pollution challenges in Delhi and various states, the MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier stands out as the most advanced and effective air purifier available. It offers numerous advantages over traditional HEPA filters, such as the ability to combat viruses and bacteria, reduce energy consumption, and extend filter lifespan.
The MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier excels in removing a wide range of airborne pollutants, including PM2.5, dust, pollen, soot, smoke, viruses, and bacteria. Remarkably, it is highly energy-efficient, consuming up to 60 percent less energy compared to conventional air purifiers featuring HEPA filters.
Jai Dhar said, “Given the current air quality in Delhi, this product is an ideal solution for those seeking to enhance indoor air quality and safeguard themselves and their loved ones from harmful airborne pollutants. With its superior performance, energy efficiency, and sustainability, the MESP air purifier undoubtedly stands as the premier choice in the market.
Shein has recently acquired the British fast fashion brand Missguided from the Frasers Group, signaling its strategic move to broaden its market share and global presence in preparation for an anticipated U.S. initial public offering. This development, announced by both companies, entails Shein taking over the manufacturing of Missguided’s products and selling them independently on both Shein and Missguided’s websites, while the Frasers Group will retain Missguided’s real estate assets and employees, as outlined in official news releases.
In line with the agreement, Shein will also license Missguided’s intellectual property to Sumwon Studios, a collaborative venture between Shein and Missguided founder Nitin Passi, which will be responsible for the management and operation of the Missguided brand. The precise financial details of this acquisition remain undisclosed.
This acquisition takes place just over a year after the Frasers Group rescued Missguided from administration, a process akin to bankruptcy in the United Kingdom, at a cost of £20 million ($24.3 million). Missguided initially gained recognition for its viral success in offering £1 bikinis, establishing itself as a significant player in the British fast fashion scene. Nevertheless, financial difficulties left the brand unable to meet its obligations to suppliers.
Shein’s decision to acquire Missguided is closely aligned with its objective to expand its marketplace model and diversify its product offerings for its 150 million-strong customer base. The acquisition is poised to bolster Shein’s market share and further deepen its global presence.
While Missguided’s product lineup shares similarities with its new parent company, focusing on the latest trends and offering competitive pricing, there are distinctions in terms of pricing, potentially attracting a different demographic. Shein’s executive chairman, Donald Tang, emphasized the unique format of this partnership in a news release, expressing the company’s intent to reinvigorate the Missguided brand and fuel its global growth by leveraging Shein’s on-demand production model, e-commerce expertise, and extensive global reach.
In a notable development preceding this acquisition, Shein also unveiled plans to launch a co-branded clothing line in collaboration with former rival Forever 21. This collaboration stems from their earlier partnership this year, wherein Shein acquired a stake in Sparc Group, the operator of Forever 21, which includes brand management firm Authentic Brands Group and mall owner Simon Property Group. Shein further expanded its reach by offering its clothing in Forever 21’s physical stores.
This festive season, celebrate the Festival of Lights with your favorite songs playing through U&i Bluetooth audio products. U&i, India’s leading brand in gadgets, accessories, and consumer electronics, has unveiled three new BT devices in its lineup of audio products. The company introduces the Trans 2.0 Series and Vengo Series, tailored for frequent travelers seeking a convenient wireless audio solution for personal entertainment and hands-free calls. In addition, U&i presents the Jungle Series desktop speaker cum portable soundbar, designed to deliver crystal clear sound and ambiance with its 15 RGB lights, turning any workspace into a lively zone for music and fun.
For those in search of Bluetooth earphones with exceptional battery life, the Trans 2.0 Series fits the bill. These stylish neckband-styled earphones offer a remarkable standby time of 400 hours (over 16 days). Fueled by a 300mAh battery, they deliver 40 hours of talk time and music playback before needing a recharge via their USB Type-C port. Equipped with two 3mW speaker drivers featuring dynamic bass units, these earphones provide clear highs, silky smooth mids, and powerful beats. They operate within a frequency range of 20Hz – 20KHz and have an impedance of 32 ohms. With Bluetooth version 5.3 support, including HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP profiles, the Trans 2.0 also features a built-in microphone with -42dB sensitivity and 2200 ohms impedance, ensuring clear voice calls. These earphones offer noise reduction for enhanced call quality and are available in four attractive colors: orange, yellow, purple, and black.
The Vengo Series, another pair of Bluetooth neckband-style earphones, takes the standby time to the next level. With an impressive standby time of up to 500 hours (over 20 days), these earphones eliminate the need for frequent charging, thanks to their USB Type-C port. A full charge, which takes just two hours, provides up to 50 hours of talk and music time. Featuring 3mW earphone drivers for clear sound with deep bass, the Vengo Series includes magnets that allow you to keep the earphones together, preventing tangled wires. The earphones also offer a vibration mode to alert you to incoming calls. The U&i Vengo Series comes in two attractive colors: Blue and Black.
Brighten up your living space with the all-new Jungle Series. This vibrant desktop speaker is equipped with 15 RGB lights that offer six different lighting modes to set the mood. It runs on a 1500mAh battery that requires a 5V/1A input to charge. The speaker houses two 5W/4-ohm speakers (total 10W RMS power) in its compact frame, delivering a rich sound with clear highs, balanced mids, and a tight bass that captures attention. Besides Bluetooth connectivity, the speaker features an FM receiver, allowing you to tune in to your favorite radio shows within the 87.5Hz-108MHz spectrum. Convenient buttons on the speaker control power, volume, and other functions.
The U&i Trans 2.0 Series and Vengo Series neckbands are priced at Rs 2,199 and Rs 2,799, respectively, while the Jungle Series desktop speaker is available for Rs 3,999. All these products are accessible at U&i outlets and leading retail stores across India.
INNISFREE, the brand dedicated to providing healthy skin through natural ingredients sourced from the pristine Jeju Island, has been a prominent player in India since its launch in 2013. It aims to deliver the goodness of clean and fresh air, warm yet gentle sunlight, fertile and healthy soil, and pure water from Jeju Island, all harnessed for the benefit of skincare.
Nykaa, a renowned omnichannel consumer-tech company, and India’s preferred beauty and lifestyle retailer, collaborated with BookMyShow, the nation’s leading entertainment destination, to introduce Nykaaland – India’s inaugural beauty and lifestyle festival. This groundbreaking event presented an opportunity for INNISFREE to showcase its latest innovations and cult-favorite products in all-new packaging.
At Nykaaland, the beauty festival featured a dedicated INNISFREE booth that provided exclusive experiences and activities, including claw machine and Plinko games to win exciting beauty prizes, product try-ons to explore the latest beauty products, expert consultations for personalized recommendations from experienced beauty professionals, and a photo booth to capture lasting memories. Nykaaland, however, wasn’t solely about beauty; it also offered a wide range of entertainment experiences.
This meticulously planned two-day festival pushed the boundaries of imagination and delivered an unconventional experience in the realms of beauty and lifestyle, all on a grand scale never witnessed in the country before.
Nykaaland aimed to provide an unparalleled experience, ensuring an unforgettable weekend with captivating encounters with renowned brands and influential figures from the beauty and fashion industries. The festival’s first edition, co-produced and promoted by BookMyShow Live, the live entertainment experiential division of BookMyShow, was hosted in Mumbai on November 4th and 5th, 2023, at the Royal Western India Turf Club, Mahalaxmi Racecourse.
INNISFREE’s commitment to promoting healthy skin through high-efficacy natural ingredients and eco-friendly practices aligns with its mission of protecting the beauty of nature and giving back to it. The brand shares its environmentally friendly values and philosophy while initiating various activities to make sustainable practices more accessible.
In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, online shopping has become a dominant force, and Vaaree is emerging as a trailblazing company determined to reshape the Indian home decor and furnishings market. With a recent announcement of $4 million in seed funding led by Surge, as part of Peak XV’s rapid scale-up program, Vaaree is poised to revolutionize the way Indian consumers think about their homes.
India is witnessing a surge in online shopping and unprecedented smartphone penetration, which is expected to propel the home products market to an impressive $3.75 billion, with a predicted CAGR of 10.7 percent between 2023 and 2028. However, Indian consumers have long struggled with limited options when seeking affordable and high-quality home furnishings and decor. They have often been faced with a challenging choice between extravagant luxury brands and budget-friendly alternatives that compromise on quality. Vaaree is on a mission to bridge this gap.
Vaaree’s mission is clear: to offer Indian shoppers the best of both worlds – quality and affordability. The company meticulously curates its product selection from certified, individually vetted manufacturers who have undergone rigorous quality assurance testing. Each item is chosen for its versatility, beauty, workmanship, and durability.
What truly sets Vaaree apart is its innovative factory-to-home model, which optimizes logistics and supply chain efficiency while keeping advertising and packaging costs to a minimum. The result? Competitive prices for customers without any compromise on quality.
This commitment to quality and affordability extends beyond the digital realm. In October, Vaaree made a significant move by unveiling its first physical store within Bangalore’s Forum South Bangalore Mall, making a splash in the process. With over 2,000 products catering to home cooks and those seeking comfort in bedding, the store is a treasure trove of items that seamlessly combine fun and functionality.
A standout feature of the store is its ever-changing curated lifestyle looks, which are refreshed weekly. This approach encourages and empowers customers to explore their tastes and preferences. Notably, several of Vaaree’s collections, including barware, cast iron cookware, and fitted bedding, flew off the shelves within the first week of the store’s opening.
Vaaree’s journey began in February 2022 when it was founded by Garima Luthra, Pranav Arora, and Varun Vohra. In just over a year, the company expanded its online offerings to encompass more than 20,000 products and successfully delivered over 150,000 items to homes across India.
Garima Luthra, an alumnus of Punjab University with a rich background in sales and marketing at start-ups like Blinkit, Furlenco, Acko, and CRED, co-founded Vaaree. Pranav Arora, another alumnus of Punjab University, brought his experience as a co-owner of Aaywon Lamitubes and Packaging Solutions, while Varun Vohra, an alumnus of BITS Pilani and a serial entrepreneur with successful exits like Aknamed and Genii, contributed his expertise.
Varun Vohra, Co-Founder of Vaaree said, “We’ve experienced fantastic traction and response online, and now, with our first physical store in Bangalore, we’re poised to make an even greater impact. The latest round of funding infusion will catalyze growth in various aspects, from team expansion to investments in cutting-edge technology and AI applications. This will reinforce crucial areas such as curation, merchandising, supply chains, seamless omnichannel experiences, and unwavering support for households across the nation.
Garima Luthra, Co-Founder of Vaaree said, “Varun and I embarked on a mission to create our dream home without emptying our pockets. Our online and offline searches left us dissatisfied with the curation, quality, and pricing of home products. In our pursuit of a better solution, we established direct connections with Indian manufacturers, enabling us to furnish our home at a mere fraction of the cost. This journey inspired the creation of the ‘Curated Marketplace for all things home,’ where customers can access high-quality, budget-friendly home products while supporting India’s manufacturing sector.
As Vaaree continues to expand, it’s evident that its innovative approach to providing quality and affordability is making waves in the Indian home decor and furnishings landscape. With the backing of their recent seed funding, they are well on their way to transforming the way Indian homes are adorned, one high-quality, budget-friendly product at a time. welcomes the most prosperous time of the year with its ‘Dhanteras Store.’ This curated selection offers customers in India a wide array of products, including gold and silver coins, festive jewelry, pooja items, groceries, household essentials, home decor, electronics, large appliances, smartphones, accessories, digital gold, and much more.
The ‘Dhanteras Store’ also features a lineup of renowned brands, including Kent Health Care Products, Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Giva, PC Chandra, WHP, MMTC, BRPL, Zeya by Kundan, PN Gadgil, Melorra, Sony TV, and many others. What’s even more enticing are the exclusive offers available to customers. They can enjoy an instant discount of up to 10 percent on SBI credit and debit cards, as well as EMI transactions, along with exciting deals from various other leading credit and debit card providers.
For those using Amazon Pay, the festive season gets a boost with up to 10 percent off on gift cards, making thoughtful gifting and investments more rewarding. Worries about investments are also addressed – this Dhanteras, Prime members can earn a generous 5 percent cashback, up to Rs 5,000, when they purchase digital gold via UPI. Non-Prime members can avail themselves of an impressive 3 percent cashback, up to Rs 3,000.
The benefits don’t end there. Prime members can continue to enjoy cashback, with 3 percent cashback, up to Rs 3,000, while non-Prime members can secure 1 percent cashback, up to Rs 1,000, for their digital gold purchases made until November 9. It’s an opportunity that keeps on giving, allowing you to invest, celebrate, and bring added brilliance to your festive season with Amazon Pay.
MARS Cosmetics, a renowned beauty brand celebrated for its innovative approach, is poised for a remarkable debut at the upcoming Nykaaland Festival with the launch of ‘MARS Beautiverse.’ The brand is set to introduce exclusive festive gifting hampers crafted for beauty enthusiasts, available exclusively at Nykaaland. This highly-anticipated festival is scheduled from the 3rd to the 5th of November in Mumbai, representing India’s pioneering beauty and lifestyle extravaganza. MARS Cosmetics eagerly anticipates its role alongside global beauty trendsetters at this prestigious event.
Under the theme of ‘MARS Beautiverse,’ the brand aspires to illustrate that “beauty knows no bounds, much like the cosmos itself.” MARS Cosmetics envisions creating a beauty cosmos, an all-encompassing universe of beauty that not only showcases its distinctive product range but also narrates the compelling narrative of its brand. At this star-studded event, attendees will have the opportunity to interact with prominent figures from the global beauty and lifestyle industry.
To extend the joy of Nykaaland to their online community, MARS is currently conducting an engaging social media giveaway. Ten fortunate winners will have the opportunity to receive complimentary Nykaaland exclusive passes, granting them all-access to the beauty extravaganza.
Muskan Jain, the Brand Manager of MARS Cosmetics said, “We are thrilled to be a part of Nykaaland, and we believe that our concept, ‘MARS Beautiverse,’ will genuinely captivate the hearts and minds of beauty enthusiasts. Our brand offers 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free makeup products designed exclusively for the Indian audience. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of beauty and are eager to showcase our unique product range while engaging with our devoted customers at this dynamic event.
In addition to this, MARS Cosmetics will present exclusive PR boxes designed to offer an unforgettable experience for the fortunate recipients. These meticulously crafted boxes embody the essence of ‘MARS Beautiverse,’ reflecting the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Furthermore, the brand plans to inject an element of excitement and entertainment into the event with a variety of games and contests, providing attendees with memorable interactions and engagements with the brand.
Nykaaland is celebrated for bringing together beauty aficionados, brands, and influencers in a single venue. With MARS Cosmetics making its inaugural appearance, this festival promises to be an extraordinary celebration of the boundless beauty cosmos.
Luxaddi, a well-known provider of luxurious home decor, is pleased to announce the launch of its striking new lighting collection, designed to infuse elegance and warmth into your winter celebrations. This latest collection stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and aesthetics, offering discerning customers an exquisite array of lighting solutions.
The Luxaddi lighting collection has long been revered for its timeless beauty and exceptional quality. With this new range, the brand continues to uphold its reputation as a leader in the creation of sophisticated and meticulously crafted home decor items.
Radiant Beacon Sconce
The magnificent wall lamp, expertly crafted from exquisite gilt bronze, epitomizes opulence. It showcases gracefully intertwined patterns and delicate leaf motifs, creating a mesmerizing visual display. Crafted with precision from pure brass and embellished with a linen shade, this wall lamp is designed to exude an air of elegance and luxury.
Vintage Elegance
The brass wall light adorned with crystals draws inspiration from European antiquity, offering timeless charm that can transform any space. Constructed from high-quality brass, this piece beautifully combines classic design with modern craftsmanship. The addition of crystals adds a touch of sparkle and sophistication, making it an ideal complement to your winter decor.
Sun Burst Wall Sconce
Luxaddi’s collection of elegant brass triple-arm wall sconces is the perfect choice for those seeking to make a statement with their lighting. Crafted from pure brass and complemented by linen shades, these wall sconces not only symbolize quality but also reflect Luxaddi’s commitment to delivering sophisticated and practical lighting solutions for your home.
As the winter season approaches, Luxaddi’s new lighting additions are tailored to seamlessly enhance your seasonal decorations. These lighting fixtures will infuse your living spaces with a warm and inviting glow, transforming your home into a cozy and stylish sanctuary during the colder months.
MARS Cosmetics, a renowned beauty brand celebrated for its innovative approach, is poised for a remarkable debut at the upcoming Nykaaland Festival with the launch of ‘MARS Beautiverse.’ The brand is set to introduce exclusive festive gifting hampers crafted for beauty enthusiasts, available exclusively at Nykaaland. This highly-anticipated festival is scheduled from the 3rd to the 5th of November in Mumbai, representing India’s pioneering beauty and lifestyle extravaganza. MARS Cosmetics eagerly anticipates its role alongside global beauty trendsetters at this prestigious event.
Under the theme of ‘MARS Beautiverse,’ the brand aspires to illustrate that “beauty knows no bounds, much like the cosmos itself.” MARS Cosmetics envisions creating a beauty cosmos, an all-encompassing universe of beauty that not only showcases its distinctive product range but also narrates the compelling narrative of its brand. At this star-studded event, attendees will have the opportunity to interact with prominent figures from the global beauty and lifestyle industry.
To extend the joy of Nykaaland to their online community, MARS is currently conducting an engaging social media giveaway. Ten fortunate winners will have the opportunity to receive complimentary Nykaaland exclusive passes, granting them all-access to the beauty extravaganza.
Muskan Jain, the Brand Manager of MARS Cosmetics said, “We are thrilled to be a part of Nykaaland, and we believe that our concept, ‘MARS Beautiverse,’ will genuinely captivate the hearts and minds of beauty enthusiasts. Our brand offers 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free makeup products designed exclusively for the Indian audience. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of beauty and are eager to showcase our unique product range while engaging with our devoted customers at this dynamic event.
In addition to this, MARS Cosmetics will present exclusive PR boxes designed to offer an unforgettable experience for the fortunate recipients. These meticulously crafted boxes embody the essence of ‘MARS Beautiverse,’ reflecting the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Furthermore, the brand plans to inject an element of excitement and entertainment into the event with a variety of games and contests, providing attendees with memorable interactions and engagements with the brand.
Nykaaland is celebrated for bringing together beauty aficionados, brands, and influencers in a single venue. With MARS Cosmetics making its inaugural appearance, this festival promises to be an extraordinary celebration of the boundless beauty cosmos.
Amidst the enthralling cricket season that captivates cricket enthusiasts, prepare to ‘#CHOOSEBOLD‘ and immerse yourself in a realm of cricketing excellence, artistry, and unbridled passion. Royal Challenge Packaged Drinking Water proudly presents the nation’s largest freestanding 3D Anamorphic Hoardings in Mumbai and Hyderabad. In honor of the remarkable achievements of the Indian cricket team, Royal Challenge is delighted to unveil a series of captivating Anamorphic 3D displays across the country that will leave you spellbound.
In a tribute to the Naya Sher, Virat Kohli, on the occasion of his 35th birthday, the brand has dedicated spaces to artists by unveiling stunning Graffiti displays that illuminate the streets of Thane, Nagpur, Nasik, Secunderabad, and Warangal, featuring him in all his glory.
Ruchira Jaitly, Chief Marketing Officer of Diageo India expressed, “We are immensely excited to showcase the fusion of innovation and artistry through an anamorphic display and graffiti art featuring Virat Kohli, an exceptional cricketer known for his bold choices. Royal Challenge Packaged Drinking Water believes in truly choosing bold, and this installation is a testament to it! It is the largest freestanding anamorphic installation in the country so far. This innovation not only sets us apart but also reflects our brand’s spirit, and we’re thrilled to share it with the world, inviting everyone to experience it.
This amalgamation of cricket seamlessly merging with art creates an environment filled with vibrant colors, boundless energy, and the indomitable spirit of the Naya Sher. Royal Challenge Packaged Drinking Water extends a warm invitation for you to be part of this exhilarating cricket celebration in your city.
Varun Koorichh, VP Marketing at Diageo India, stated, “The unveiling of Royal Challenge Packaged Drinking Water’s anamorphic display and graffiti art featuring Virat Kohli is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and artistic expression. We are also proud that this is now the country’s largest freestanding anamorphic installation, aligning seamlessly with our values of Choosing Bold in every moment. This perfectly aligns with the cricket season, offering a unique opportunity for fans and cricket enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the true magic of cricket.
Roshan Netalkar, MD of Swordfish Events and Entertainment said, “At Swordfish, we always believe in using immersive technology for storytelling. The opportunity presented itself with an iconic brand like Royal Challenge and its brand Ambassador Virat Kohli as a part of the World Cup campaign with the largest freestanding anamorphic installation in the country, in two cities – Mumbai and Hyderabad simultaneously. These installations stand 30ft tall and 75ft in length and were conceptualized and executed in record time.
Royal Challenge Packaged Drinking Water stands firmly behind the Indian cricket team, emphasizing its unwavering support for our cricket heroes and their triumphant journey.
Amorepacific India, a prominent chain of K beauty brands, is thrilled to announce its significant participation in the Nykaaland event. This event promises to be a truly distinctive beauty adventure.
Nykaaland serves as a haven for beauty enthusiasts, offering a place where one can indulge in a myriad of exceptional beauty experiences. And Amorepacific, with its renowned brands such as Innisfree, Laneige, Etude, and Sulwhasoo, will be an integral part of this captivating event. From engaging activities to remarkable prizes, our booth at Nykaaland is poised to become the hub of excitement. Explore an expedition filled with limitless potential for your skincare and makeup routine at Amorepacific. Whether it’s skincare or makeup, it’s your comprehensive destination for everyone. Interact with our beauty experts and uncover invaluable tips and techniques to enhance your beauty regimen.
Paul Lee, MD and Country Head of Amorepacific India said, “Amorepacific is proud to be a part of this immersive world of beauty at Nykaaland.  With Nykaa’s partnership, we are excited to extend the reach of Amorepacific brands to a wider audience. Now, everyone can enjoy and experience the magic of self-expression, skincare, and makeup in an environment that sparks a newfound passion for beauty.
Mini Sood Banerjee, Assistant Director and Head of Marketing at Amorepacific India said, “Being a part of Nykaaland is a strategic move to fortify our brand’s presence and extend our offerings to the discerning Indian consumers who value premium beauty experiences. This event is a golden opportunity for us to introduce our cutting-edge products and unveil the magic of Korean beauty to the vast audience Nykaaland draws. It’s not just a showcase; it’s a marketing milestone that aligns perfectly with our mission to redefine beauty standards in India.
The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), an initiative of the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, has recently welcomed Anupama Priyadarshini to its team. In her role as Senior Vice President for Corporate Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Investor Relations, she is poised to play a pivotal role in enhancing governance, risk management, compliance, and investor relations within the ONDC network, further reinforcing its commitment to excellence and responsible business practices.
With a career spanning 25 years, Anupama has exhibited her expertise across diverse sectors, including retail, steel manufacturing, and beverages. Her distinguished 14-year tenure at IKEA, where she served as the CFO, Business Navigation Manager, and Director for IKEA Supply, South Asia, was marked by significant contributions to responsible and sustainable procurement practices for IKEA’s global stores and markets. Simultaneously, she played a vital role in increasing local sourcing within the Indian retail market, greatly influencing IKEA’s growth strategy in the region.
Before her association with IKEA, Anupama made substantial contributions to Tata Steel’s global cost competitiveness enhancement strategy. She also had a brief yet impactful tenure at PepsiCo, overseeing capital investments in the Indian beverages market. Beyond her corporate roles, Anupama has also shared her knowledge as a visiting faculty member at esteemed institutions such as XIM University, MDI Gurgaon, and IRMA.
T. Koshy, MD and CEO at ONDC, expressed, “The ONDC team is delighted to welcome Anupama on board. With her extensive experience and proven expertise across diverse sectors, particularly her pivotal roles at IKEA, Tata Steel, and PepsiCo, we are confident that she will be a key asset in strengthening ONDC’s commitment to corporate governance, risk management, compliance, and investor relations. We eagerly anticipate the valuable contributions she will bring as we continue to fortify our commitment to excellence and responsible business practices within the ONDC Network.
Anupama Priyadarshini remarked, “I’m excited to be part of ONDC, which aims to make digital commerce more inclusive and accessible on a large scale for the country. Assuming the responsibilities of my new role, I see a tremendous opportunity to contribute to the evolution of a democratic e-commerce ecosystem. ONDC’s focus on harnessing Digital Public Infrastructure for the benefit of the masses through innovation and technology aligns with my values. I look forward to collaborating with this exceptional team to drive excellence as the network continues to grow and expand.
AJIO, India’s leading fashion e-tailer, has unveiled AJIOGRAM, an interactive e-commerce platform with a strong focus on direct-to-consumer (D2C) initiatives. Through this endeavor, AJIO seeks to support Indian fashion startups that are challenging conventions with their innovative products and visionary approach.
Accessible within the AJIO app, AJIOGRAM aims to onboard 200 exclusive homegrown D2C brands by the next year, offering customers a diverse array of options, spanning from streetwear to fast fashion, artisanal creations, minimalistic designs, quiet luxury, and slow, sustainable fashion.
Vineeth Nair, CEO of AJIO, expressed, “The emerging generation of shoppers looks for more than just a product; they seek a brand with a vision and a purpose. In recent years, the Indian D2C revolution has given rise to numerous brands that excel in innovative and conscientious fashion. AJIOGRAM will unite these brands under one roof, facilitating their expansion and growth while capitalizing on AJIO’s seamless shopping experience. With this initiative, we aim to empower the next 100 fashion startups emerging from India.
AJIOGRAM caters to customers who not only desire fashion that resonates with their personality and interests but also seek niche brands that are purpose-driven and offer limited edition items. These customers possess an in-depth understanding of the brands they purchase from, including the brand’s ethos, story, community-building efforts, and societal impact. AJIOGRAM was crafted with this fundamental insight to provide customers with a shopping experience enriched by content.
Pallavi Desai, Co-founder of Creatures of Habit, shared, “As a content-focused startup, we hadn’t listed our products on a marketplace until now due to the lack of space to convey our story. We chose to partner with AJIO because they provide brands with a platform to engage with customers through the content they create, thereby contextualizing their products and making it easier to connect and communicate with customers.
AJIOGRAM exclusively offers a range of top brands, including Urban Monkey, Supervek, Quirksmith, KRÁ Life, Creatures of Habit, Cecil, Truser, Fancypants, MIDNIGHT ANGELS BY PC, Monks of Method, Crafts and Glory, among others.
Nikunj Lotia, popularly known as BeYouNick, YouTuber and Founder of KRÁ Life , “I am thrilled to launch my brand, KRÁ, on AJIOGRAM. As an artist and founder of a homegrown streetwear brand, I’m impressed by how the platform has thoughtfully curated a showcase of remarkable brands, providing a space for emerging fashion entrepreneurs to directly connect with customers. The user experience on AJIOGRAM epitomizes the content-consumption ecosystem I am a part of, and I am confident that customers will embrace this fresh format for discovering new products.
The National Basketball Association (NBA) and Bhaane Private Limited (Bhaane), a renowned contemporary clothing brand in India, have announced a multiyear collaboration to launch and operate This online store aims to provide fans in India with the most extensive selection of official NBA merchandise available in the country. will be the go-to destination for fans across India to find a wide array of authentic NBA merchandise and memorabilia. This includes current and former player jerseys, a variety of apparel, headwear, performance and casual footwear, basketballs, accessories, and more from major brands such as Nike, New Era, Mitchell and Ness, Wilson, and NBA Fanwear by Suditi. Additionally, fans who make purchases on will have the opportunity to participate in contests organized by Bhaane, where they can win various prizes, including tickets to regular-season NBA games in the U.S. and NBA All-Star events.
Sunny Malik, NBA India Business Head of Global Partnerships and Media said, “We’re excited to work with Bhaane to launch, which builds on our commitment to making basketball and the NBA more accessible to fans across India. The launch of our most comprehensive store dedicated to fans in India comes at a time when the e-commerce industry in India and interest in the NBA are both booming. Through this collaboration, the NBA is poised to tap into this growth and meet the growing demand for authentic merchandise and fanwear in the Indian market.
Anand Ahuja, Founder and CEO of Bhaane said, “The NBA is one of the largest sports leagues globally, and we’re excited to collaborate with them on their official online store in India. This marks a significant milestone for Bhaane, allowing us to blend our distinctive fashion philosophy with the global appeal of the NBA.  Through this platform, we aim to redefine the way fans connect with basketball and express their love for the game through cutting-edge and authentic products.
The 2023-24 NBA season commenced its broadcasts in India on October 25, with games airing live on Sports18-1, Sports18 Khel, JioCinema, and NBA League Pass. The NBA League Pass is the league’s premium live game subscription service accessible via the NBA App, providing Indian fans with live access to NBA games.
The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), an initiative under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, recently revealed a significant achievement with the introduction of the ONDC Official Guide App. This endeavor solidifies ONDC’s unwavering commitment to supporting and assisting various user communities, including Sellers, Buyers, Logistics Providers, and Network Participants in the retail sector. The user-friendly guide is now available for download on the Google Play Store and offers multilingual support in English, Hindi, and ten other prominent Indian languages.
The ONDC Official Guide App emerges as an indispensable tool, empowering users to effectively engage within the ONDC ecosystem. Crafted as a trusted resource, this app incorporates several pivotal features:
Authenticated Information: Users can access verified and validated information, ensuring they have a dependable source of knowledge pertaining to the ONDC ecosystem.
Ecosystem Insights: The app grants users invaluable insights into ONDC’s fundamental principles, operational dynamics, and the advantages it bestows upon various stakeholders. This includes comprehensive explanations of the Network’s functionality, its salient features, and the value it contributes to participants.
Latest Updates: Keeping users abreast of the most recent developments, news, and announcements concerning ONDC, the app guarantees that they remain well-informed about the ever-evolving facets and enhancements within the ecosystem.
Interactive Features: Users can actively engage with the app through interactive elements such as videos, infographics, and frequently asked questions (FAQs), rendering it a stimulating and enlightening resource.
This Guide App has been launched following meticulous development and rigorous testing procedures to ensure seamless functionality and strict adherence to Google Play Store’s policies and guidelines. The ONDC Official Guide App aims to empower and educate a diverse user base, nurturing a digitally enabled and informed retail landscape in India.
We are thrilled to introduce the ONDC Official Guide App, designed to empower users for the ONDC ecosystem. It is an extension of our continued dedication to transparency and accessibility for all. We look forward to the app’s pickup on the Google Play Store and remain dedicated to continuously enhancing its functionality to provide ongoing value to our ecosystem,” said  T Koshy, MD and CEO at ONDC.
Winston, a distinguished name in the realm of grooming and personal care, is elated to mark its grand entrance into the men’s grooming domain with the introduction of the Winston Nut Groomer. This pioneering product is meticulously crafted to cater to the grooming requirements of contemporary men, equipping them with the essential instruments to uphold their self-assurance and personal hygiene.
The newly unveiled product strikes an impeccable balance between style and utility, positioning itself as an indispensable tool for men who take pride in their grooming rituals. With its streamlined design and exceptional performance, this product is poised to become a grooming essential in the routines of men worldwide.
Himanshu Adlakha, Co-Founder of Winston said, “Winston Nut Groomer is just the inception of our foray into the men’s grooming segment. We are committed to delivering top-notch grooming solutions to our clientele and eagerly anticipate witnessing our brand flourish and expand in this novel direction.
In addition to embarking on this innovative and audacious journey, the company anticipates concluding the fiscal year with a notable turnover of 15 crore, signifying the brand’s robust and consistent growth in the personal care and grooming sector. However, Winston’s ambitions extend beyond this accomplishment, as it seeks to establish its brand identity in the men’s grooming market by appointing a brand ambassador who mirrors the core values of the brand.
Winston cordially invites its esteemed customers, associates, and the media to accompany them on this thrilling expedition into the men’s grooming domain. As the company persistently fosters innovation and broadens its array of products, its commitment to quality, ingenuity, and customer contentment will remain the defining attributes of the brand for years to come.
HealthMug, a trusted name renowned for its unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, proudly unveils an impactful partnership with LetsShave, a leading brand in the men’s grooming sector, celebrated for delivering high-quality personal care products. This distinctive collaboration is poised to not only drive sales but also significantly broaden the array of products available in the beauty and personal care category.
This groundbreaking partnership announcement holds the promise of reshaping the industry landscape. With the market valued at 2 billion in 2022, industry experts anticipate a surge to 3.6 billion by the end of this decade.
Dr. Mohit Agarwal, Co-founder of HealthMug, expressed, “At HealthMug, we are dedicated to offering the finest brands in the industry at an affordable price. This partnership is not only expected to enhance sales but also to provide a more extensive product portfolio in the beauty and personal care category for HealthMug customers. The collaboration between our two organizations is set to revolutionize our respective industries and elevate the overall customer experience.
Jintu Sharma, Marketplace Manager at LetsShave said, “LetsShave is deeply committed to providing our esteemed customers with high-quality personal care products that enhance their well-being and bolster their confidence. We are enthusiastic about the prospect of partnering with HealthMug, as it opens doors for us to extend our brand’s mission to a broader audience. Our dedicated team is eager to foster close collaboration with HealthMug, ensuring a successful and mutually beneficial journey. We look forward to developing innovative marketing strategies, diversifying our product range, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Together, we aim to achieve new levels of success and customer satisfaction.
This strategic alliance between and LetsShave promises to introduce exciting new products and innovations to the forefront of the men’s grooming industry. Both brands are thrilled about the opportunities it will create for their customers and the enduring impact it will have on the industry.
In response to the growing conscientiousness of consumers regarding their purchasing choices, beauty companies are transitioning to sustainable packaging solutions. Notably, the home-grown and organic beauty brand, Inatur, has recently introduced an eco-friendly packaging approach.
Having already established a niche in the Indian beauty market, Inatur embarks on a product packaging relaunch featuring environmentally sustainable designs. This strategic decision emerges as a proactive step to attract new customers in an increasingly competitive market.
Inatur, a premium beauty brand, has consistently offered a distinctive array of products. To extend its appeal on a global scale, Inatur has adopted a minimalist design approach, emphasizing clean and uncluttered aesthetics. The brand’s thoughtful commitment to enhancing the functionality of its products has culminated in a genuinely luxurious experience for consumers.
While Inatur has garnered a dedicated consumer base over time, it recognizes the need for packaging updates and formulation enhancements through ongoing research and development efforts. It’s worth noting that Inatur is among the select global brands compliant with the SGS GMP standard for manufacturing, a certification that requires constant adaptation to evolving compliance standards.
Furthermore, Inatur’s new packaging incorporates a QR code, facilitating comprehensive access to product usage instructions, key features, and benefits when scanned.
Pooja Nagdev, the Founder of Inatur said, “Since the inception of Inatur, the brand has earned the loyalty of millions across India. The process of researching and redesigning our packaging underscores our unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of Inatur’s users. We eagerly anticipate their support and feedback.
The updated packaging is already in circulation and can be explored on Inatur’s official website,, as well as at the retail store in MGF Mall, Gurgaon, and through various leading marketplaces.
BluHeat by, a renowned name in the field of pain relief innovations, is delighted to introduce its latest offering – BluHeat Cramp Care. This innovative product is meticulously designed to provide exceptional comfort and relief during menstrual cramps, harnessing the efficacy of heat therapy for a natural and secure pain relief experience.
Bhavna V, Co-Founder of said, “We are excited to present BluHeat Cramp Care, a product meticulously crafted with the well-being of women as its primary focus. This natural and safe product marks a revolutionary solution for women grappling with menstrual cramps, offering enduring relief without any compromises.
BluHeat Cramp Care patches are crafted from entirely safe, 100 percent natural, and environmentally friendly ingredients, ensuring warmth for over eight hours. These patches offer unparalleled comfort and convenience in various scenarios. The product is available in packs of 3, 6, and 9, measuring 12.3 cm in length and 9 cm in width, with prices at Rs 399, Rs 799, and Rs 1199, respectively.
BluHeat Cramp Care provides a hassle-free experience with its simple-to-use heat patches, maintaining a consistent level of heat without requiring any external heating source. Furthermore, these discreet patches snugly fit near your lower abdomen or back, allowing you to move freely and without stress. Their seamless integration into your clothing offers on-the-go comfort like never before.
BluHeat Cramp Care is a groundbreaking solution for contemporary women, ensuring a pain-free menstruation experience without disruptions to your daily routine. These patches are free from any harmful side effects, making them a preferred choice for pain relief over oral medications. With over 8 hours of continuous relief from cramps, Cramp Care sets a new standard in menstrual pain relief, bidding farewell to frequent discomfort.
These pain relief patches are air-activated, taking only 5 to a maximum of 10 minutes to reach their optimal (yet comfortable) temperature. Subsequently, they maintain this temperature for over 8 hours. Simply secure the patch within your undergarments for effortless relief.
The portability of BluHeat Cramp Care is a noteworthy feature. You can carry it anywhere, anytime, without any concerns. It’s perfectly safe and permissible for air travel, thanks to its lightweight design.
BluHeat Cramp Care patches are now available on, Amazon, Tata 1 mg, and Flipkart. Additionally, the product is slated to be accessible at multiple retail outlets. is also gearing up to unveil an exciting range of new products within the next two months, promising further innovations in the field of pain relief.
Mackly, a renowned name in children’s retail clothing, is thrilled to introduce its newest Winter Collection, catering to youngsters aged 4 to 16. This collection presents a diverse array of cozy and stylish apparel, designed to keep young adventurers warm and fashionable during the winter season. It showcases brushed Fleece Fabric, ensuring unparalleled warmth and comfort to keep kids snug throughout the day. Mackly, as a brand, takes great pride in its eco-conscious and sustainable approach, clearly evident in every piece of the Winter Collection.
Distinguished by innovative design, captivating color-block patterns, and graphics to accommodate various tastes, this collection features video game and sports-themed graphics, as well as unicorn and ombre embroidery.
Mackly places a strong emphasis on producing these garments within a Global Setex-certified facility, upholding the highest industry standards for quality and ethical practices. Sustainability remains at the heart of Mackly’s mission, achieved through the use of globally recycled and eco-friendly Ocko tex-certified threads. Moreover, the brand adopts 100 percent Recycled Polybags for packaging, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to eco-conscious principles.
In addition to sustainability, Mackly prioritizes the safety and comfort of children by ensuring that their prints are entirely free from Phthalates, lead, and nickel. Furthermore, the collection undergoes stringent testing to evaluate shrinkage and spirality, ensuring that these garments maintain their perfect shape wash after wash, reflecting Mackly’s dedication to quality and durability.
Sharmila Srikumar, the Founder of Mackly said, “At Mackly, our Winter Collection is more than just clothing; it’s a warm embrace for young explorers. We’re passionate about combining quality, comfort, and style to provide a cozy and enjoyable experience for children during the winter season. This collection embodies our unwavering commitment to their happiness and comfort.
In contrast to traditional bulky winter attire, our thermal wear co-ord sets are meticulously designed to offer streamlined comfort, allowing kids to move freely without feeling burdened. Their lightweight design allows for effortless layering, striking the perfect balance between warmth and flexibility. Furthermore, these sets are available in kid-friendly colors such as pink and blue. Additionally, they are highly travel-friendly, as they can be conveniently folded and carried, making them an ideal choice for families on the move. Whether your child is gearing up for a chilly adventure or dressing for a formal occasion, Mackly’s Winter Collection offers the versatility and convenience that both parents and children will appreciate.
Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), an initiative under the purview of the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, recently disclosed the appointment of Rachita Gupta as Vice President – Communications. In her current capacity, Rachita holds the responsibility of leading the Communications division with a clear directive to enhance ONDC’s brand and facilitate network expansion.
Rachita Gupta, a seasoned marketing professional holding an MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad, and an Executive Leadership Certificate from Cornell University, brings with her a wealth of experience spanning two decades in marketing, digital marketing, brand communications, sales strategy, and strategic alliances across diverse sectors. Her impressive career includes engagements with renowned companies such as Tech Mahindra, HCL Technologies, Pearson Education, and Idea Cellular. During her tenure at Tech Mahindra, Rachita led global marketing initiatives for Emerging Technologies, encompassing critical domains like Data Analytics, AI, Gen AI, Metaverse, Cybersecurity, and SaaS.
T Koshy, MD and CEO of ONDC expressed, “We are thrilled to welcome Rachita on board. Her extensive experience, coupled with her proven strategic acumen, positions her as an invaluable asset in propelling our forthcoming phase of growth. ONDC firmly believes that Rachita Gupta’s expertise, innovative approach, and profound comprehension of various industries will play a pivotal role in ensuring the Network’s success in the future.
In her expression of enthusiasm for the role, Rachita Gupta, VP — Communications, stated, “ONDC represents a pioneering initiative with substantial potential for impact, and I am enthusiastic about joining this Network, particularly at a juncture when it is poised to revolutionize the entire ecommerce landscape. ONDC’s vision of creating an unobstructed, open network through innovation, technology, and a customer-centric approach perfectly aligns with my own values. I eagerly anticipate collaborating with the talented team to drive excellence at every stage of the Network’s growth and expansion.
Spykar, a renowned name in the fashion and lifestyle industry, is delighted to present its highly anticipated Autumn-Winter collection. This season, Spykar proudly introduces four distinct fashion concepts that encapsulate the very essence of modern aesthetics, celebrating individuality. The latest collection from Spykar artfully harmonizes the elements of utility, nostalgia, innovation, and timeless simplicity, providing a fresh and diverse range tailored to a variety of tastes and preferences.
The AW 23/24 collection from Spykar unfolds as a vibrant tapestry of fashion, weaving together four captivating themes.
Commencing with the “Varsity” story, the “Laid Back Cool” theme pays homage to the classic American college core, skillfully melding preppy elements with a touch of freshness. The result is a collection of comfortable, new-uniform lines that evoke the charm of bygone collegiate days.
The “Not That Basic” theme exudes a black-and-white mood, exalting the timeless allure of monochromatic fashion, and showcasing the versatility and elegance of black and white. This collection exemplifies quiet luxury and offers key investment pieces.
Under the “Spykar Cargo Project” narrative, the brand effortlessly merges utility and modularity, presenting easy-to-wear, fuss-free clothing adorned with multiple pocket designs and functional tabs. This range is ideal for urban adventures and outdoor explorations.
Lastly, the “Future Forward” concept propels fashion into the ever-evolving realm of technology, challenging conventional boundaries. Inspired by otherworldly aesthetics, this collection features cutting-edge designs, high-tech fabrics, and forward-thinking aesthetics, appealing to those who aspire to stay at the forefront of style.
Sanjay Vakharia, the CEO at Spykar said, “We are delighted to unveil our AW 23/24 collection, which mirrors the latest trends and caters to the diverse tastes of our valued customers. At Spykar, we believe in empowering individuals to express their uniqueness, and this collection stands as a testament to that philosophy.
Spykar’s AW 23/24 collection offers an extensive range of clothing and accessories that address the evolving needs of the fashion-conscious. From casual wear to statement pieces, Spykar’s latest collection promises a seamless fusion of functionality and style., a prominent name in the Indian retail sector, specializing in sports and fitness apparel, equipment, and supplements, has unveiled its eagerly awaited Burn+ Smartwatch. This cutting-edge smartwatch, boasting an impressive array of features and a sleek design, introduces a groundbreaking feature for cricket enthusiasts: Live Cricket Scores right on your wrist. The Burn+ Smartwatch is poised to revolutionize the way you engage with your favorite sport.
At the core of the Burn+ Smartwatch lies its state-of-the-art 1.78” AMOLED Display, featuring a crystal-clear 368×448 resolution, delivering a vivid and immersive visual experience. What truly sets this smartwatch apart, however, is the innovative CricBuddy feature, offering live cricket scores in real time. This makes the smartwatch the ultimate accessory for any cricket aficionado.
The standout features of the Burn+ Smartwatch encompass advanced single-chip Bluetooth calling for effortless communication, a user-friendly crown for intuitive navigation, and an impressive battery life of up to 7 days (with 2-3 days even when utilizing Bluetooth calling). The watch excels in comprehensive health-tracking capabilities, including heart rate monitoring, SP02 measurement, sleep monitoring, step count, calorie tracking, and period tracking. Additionally, it features an always-on display for convenience, a social-media QR code function for seamless sharing, and a dedicated sports mode for optimized workout tracking. The remarkable battery life ensures that you stay connected without any interruptions, with a quick 2-hour recharge time to keep you going.
Shamik Sharma, Business Head at, expressed, “We’re thrilled to introduce the Burn+ Smartwatch – it’s a game-changer for cricket fans and fitness enthusiasts. This smartwatch showcases our commitment to blending technology and sports, allowing users to stay connected to the game they love while tracking their health and fitness goals.
The Burn+ Smartwatch seamlessly syncs with the app, providing users with a comprehensive fitness ecosystem. Offering access to an extensive library of over 1,000 workout videos, goal-tracking capabilities, and the opportunity to participate in challenges and leaderboards with friends, the app takes your fitness journey to the next level.
Customers interested in the Burn+ Smartwatch have a choice of two strap options: silicon and metal. The silicon strap variant is available for Rs 2,999 on, while the metal strap version is priced at Rs 3,499. For those seeking discounted rates, the Burn+ smartwatch is also available on Amazon. The silicon strap model is offered at Rs 2,499, and the metal strap model is priced at Rs 2,999.
Tata CLiQ Luxury stands as a diverse haven for luxury enthusiasts, housing an extensive array of brands across various categories. Pioneering the concept of mindful luxury, the platform diligently curates an enriching consumer experience by uniting an impressive roster of Indian and global luxury brands under one roof. In its steadfast commitment to bolster the home category, a strategic focal point and one of the platform’s fastest-growing sectors, Tata CLiQ Luxury has undertaken a remarkable initiative. It has partnered with Good Earth, a renowned Indian design house, to introduce an exclusive online store offering a meticulously crafted range of home products. This strategic alliance elevates the platform’s existing luxury home portfolio, poised to propel further growth in this category.
Founded in 1996 by Anita Lal, Good Earth is a homegrown luxury brand that thrives in the realms of decor, dining, and fashion. With a profound mission to spotlight the skills of village potters and bring their art to the urban forefront, the brand espouses the philosophy of sustainable luxury. Good Earth products are celebrated for their artistic designs, each narrating a unique story that embarks on a captivating journey. Pioneering handcrafted homeware, the brand is resolutely dedicated to reviving India’s age-old traditions, fostering both environmental and societal well-being. Tata CLiQ Luxury, a trailblazer in multi-category luxury e-commerce in India, extends the reach of Good Earth’s dinnerware products to a broader spectrum of discerning luxury consumers with the launch of this dedicated online store.
This platform will provide effortless access to an extensive range of Good Earth dining ware, encompassing dinnerware, cutlery, serveware, table linen, and more. It empowers customers to craft spaces that authentically reflect their individuality, passions, and an appreciation for life’s finer nuances. The online store invites consumers to embark on a journey, unveiling the narrative behind each product as they leisurely browse through the offerings. It serves as an inspiration for individuals to create ‘Timeless Homes,’ where every nook and cranny epitomizes craftsmanship and thoughtful design, culminating in a luxuriously immersive living experience.
Gopal Asthana, CEO, Tata CLiQ said, “For Tata CLiQ Luxury, the home category is a strategic priority, and we are directing our efforts to continuously expand this category further by offering renowned brands and assortments that mirror the values of the platform. Our partnership with Good Earth is a testament to this and to our shared values of craftsmanship, heritage, and sustainability. Good Earth comes with a legacy that offers luxury that is Indian in ethos and rooted in local heritage and karigari. It is also a celebration of making responsible choices. We are honored to launch the brand on our platform and look forward to offering a curated range of luxury handcrafted dinnerware products and an unparalleled luxury shopping experience.
Anupama Gupta, CEO, Good Earth added, “Good Earth celebrates the richness and diversity of Indian culture through its exquisite products and designs, with a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability that reflect the essence of India’s traditions and heritage. Together with Tata CLiQ Luxury, we are dedicated to bringing the beauty of our unique creations to a wider base of the discerning audience who appreciate the artistry and elegance that our brand epitomizes. We are incredibly proud to embark on this journey, expanding our reach and sharing our passion for craftsmanship with a broader audience.
In anticipation of the upcoming festive season, Chumbak, the beloved homegrown lifestyle brand with a global influence, is thrilled to introduce its latest Marigold collection of homeware and gift items. Drawing inspiration from the ever-auspicious Marigold motif, a perennial favorite in Indian households, this collection is designed to infuse your celebrations with a burst of vibrant colors and prints, perfectly harmonizing with the season’s atmosphere and infusing warmth and joy into your living space. The Marigold collection encompasses various categories, including dining essentials, home decor, gifts for loved ones, and a range of gifting accessories for the art of presentation.
The handpicked gift range is meticulously crafted from materials such as stoneware, steel, and copper. What sets this collection apart is its inclusivity in catering to a wide spectrum of budgets, with options starting at just Rs 995. All pre-packaged gift selections come complete with thoughtful gift packaging, enhancing the gifting experience.
Shubhra Chadda, Co-founder of Chumbak said,”Diwali signifies celebrations, prosperity, and an ambiance of warmth, and our Marigold collection mirrors these sentiments through its vibrant colors and motifs that resonate with the festive culture of India. The collection seamlessly blends into your home, elevating every corner, and each piece within this collection serves as the perfect gift. We sincerely hope that our customers will embrace it as ardently as we do.
This collection is tailor-made for those who are gearing up to host Diwali gatherings and transform their living spaces into vibrant, festive abodes. Chumbak’s products take inspiration from cultural and artistic traditions that embody the spirit of Indian festivals, blending these inspirations with a contemporary and lively aesthetic. The result is a collection that is characterized by joy, exuberance, and a modern sensibility. Whether you intend to spruce up your dining area, adorn your living quarters, or seek the ideal gift, Chumbak’s new Marigold collection is poised to be a charming addition to your Diwali celebrations.
Rado, the renowned Swiss watchmaker celebrated for its pioneering use of materials in crafting timeless designs, is thrilled to introduce Bollywood Superstar Katrina Kaif as its Global Brand Ambassador. This significant collaboration underscores Rado’s dedication to curating enduring memories.
Katrina Kaif’s timeless allure and international prominence make her the perfect representative of Rado’s unwavering commitment to precision, innovation, and craftsmanship. Her versatility and charisma align seamlessly with the values upheld by Rado.
The announcement of this exciting partnership coincides with the unveiling of a captivating campaign video, transporting viewers to a breathtaking desert landscape. In the video, Katrina personifies the contemporary woman who cherishes her time, beautifully adorned with the new Centrix timepiece on her wrist. She encapsulates the essence of Rado and the spirit of the Centrix watch, promising to elevate the world of horology to new pinnacles.
Adrian Bosshard, CEO of Rado said, “We are delighted to welcome Katrina Kaif into the Rado family. Her timeless beauty and global recognition seamlessly resonate with Rado’s core values. We look forward to embarking on this journey of redefining luxury together.
The new RADO Centrix is meticulously designed for the modern woman, one who stands the test of time, exudes style and sophistication, and believes in embracing the power of timeless moments. This watch is an embodiment of a woman who values every second, seizes every opportunity, and does it all in style.
Highlighting the exceptional features of the watch, the brand emphasized, “The heart of the Centrix watch is its curved sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating, ensuring a clear and unobstructed view of the watch face from any angle. Its Calibre R582 automatic movement guarantees precise timekeeping and reliability. With a generous 48-hour power reserve, it eliminates the need for frequent winding or resetting, making it the perfect companion for a woman on the move. The antimagnetic Nivachron hairspring shields the watch from external magnetic fields, ensuring smooth operation in any situation.
With Rado and Katrina Kaif joining forces, the future of style, innovation, and sophistication in the realm of luxury watches shines brighter than ever. As the brand embarks on this enchanting journey, the Rado Centrix watch, gracing the wrist of its new Global Ambassador, embodies the perfect fusion of style and substance, inviting women to celebrate their timeless essence.
BluHeat by, a recognized name in innovative pain relief solutions, is delighted to unveil its latest offering – BluHeat Cramp Care. This product has been meticulously engineered to provide exceptional comfort and relief for individuals experiencing menstrual cramps. Leveraging the therapeutic potential of heat, BluHeat Cramp Care offers a natural and safe approach to alleviating pain.
Bhavna V, Co-Founder of said, “We are excited to present BluHeat Cramp Care, a product designed with the well-being of women at its core. This natural and secure solution is a groundbreaking option for women dealing with menstrual cramps, delivering enduring relief without any compromises.
The BluHeat Cramp Care patches are crafted using entirely safe, 100 percent natural, and eco-friendly ingredients, offering over eight hours of comforting warmth. These patches bring unmatched convenience in various situations and are available in packs of 3, 6, and 9. Measuring 12.3 cm in length and 9 cm in width, they are affordably priced at Rs 399, Rs 799, and Rs 1199.
BluHeat Cramp Care presents an uncomplicated method of pain relief, providing a consistent level of heat without the need for external heating sources. Furthermore, these discreet patches easily adhere to your lower abdomen or back, allowing you to move freely and without worry. The seamless integration into your clothing ensures unprecedented comfort on the go.
BluHeat Cramp Care stands as an innovative boon for contemporary women, offering a pain-free menstrual experience without disruptions to their daily routines. These patches are free from harmful side effects, making them a preferred choice for pain relief compared to oral medications.
This remarkable product guarantees more than 8 hours of uninterrupted relief from cramps, allowing individuals to remain cramp-free for a significant portion of their day. Its enduring effectiveness sets a new standard in menstrual pain relief, liberating users from frequent discomfort.
These air-activated cramp care patches require only 5 to 10 minutes to reach their optimal and comfortable temperature after opening. Once achieved, the temperature is maintained for over 8 hours, and the patches can be conveniently placed within your undergarments for hassle-free relief.
BluHeat Cramp Care is highly portable, ensuring you can carry it with you anywhere, anytime. Its lightweight design makes it suitable for travel, and it is entirely safe for air travel.
BluHeat Cramp Care patches can be found at, Amazon, Tata 1 mg, and Flipkart, with plans for availability in numerous retail outlets in the near future. is also preparing to introduce an exciting range of new products in the coming months.
Flower Aura has recently celebrated its 13th anniversary and to mark this significant milestone, the brand has undergone a complete transformation of its identity. Flower Aura acknowledges that in today’s world, where every gesture serves as a canvas for personal expression, gifting has evolved beyond mere material exchanges. It now signifies thoughtfulness, the reflection of emotions, and a celebration of relationships.
Amidst the shifting dynamics and burgeoning aspirations, Flower Aura embraces change gracefully. After a distinguished journey of nurturing numerous relationships through their products, the brand is embarking on a new chapter. Adorned with a captivating logo, a warm and refined color palette, innovative packaging, and a renewed focus on indulgence, Flower Aura aims to become the premier destination for cakes and gifts.
With a more vibrant color scheme and streamlined design, Flower Aura aligns itself with the evolving concept of gifting, embodying its core philosophy, “When words are not enough.” The brand believes that the pleasure of gifting commences with the anticipation of unwrapping a beautifully presented package. Flower Aura’s rebranding goes beyond a new logo or a fresh color palette; it represents an artistic redefinition of gifting, infusing it with deep emotion and sophistication.
Over the past 13 years, Flower Aura has been the preferred choice for gifting, brightening lives with heartfelt bouquets and meticulously curated gift assortments. The brand is elevating its commitment to quality and service. The intuitive new website, updated user interface, and seamless mobile experience are designed to simplify the process of finding the perfect gift.
Shrey Sehgal, Founder and CEO of Flower Aura said, “The journey from receiving a gift to unwrapping it should be as delightful as the gift itself. That’s why we have invested significant effort in designing our new packaging. It’s more than just a box; it’s the initial impression the brand leaves on its customers. Our sleek and sustainable packaging not only safeguards your gift but also enhances the overall experience, turning every gift into a cherished treasure.
The brand extends an invitation to its valued users, patrons, and partners to be part of this transformation, celebrate its evolution, and redefine gifting as an experience that deeply resonates, connecting hearts and transcending conventions.
TIESTA, the Indian eco-ethical footwear brand founded by the sister duo Janvi and Helly Jogatar, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration for the current season. They have partnered with renowned designer Nikhil Thampi to craft a distinctive footwear collection that embodies a unique fusion of bold sophistication and ethical artisanship.
This alliance was conceived with a shared vision of creating products that mirror their essence and principles—a remarkable synergy of standout elegance and ethical craftsmanship. After extensive discussions and countless hours of diligent work, especially during the pandemic, these products underwent a rigorous three-year testing phase and are now poised to make a grand entrance in the form of an exceptionally exclusive capsule collection, comprising five distinct designs.
The collection radiates opulence and prides itself on its superior quality achieved through painstaking handcraftsmanship. It prominently features vegan leather, recycled metal, and eco-conscious packaging, echoing the resounding message of ‘Sole with a soul.’
This collection transcends transient fashion trends, presenting itself as a timeless investment. Embracing a classic black and gold color palette, it introduces India’s pioneering monogram heels crafted from recycled metal.
TIESTA specializes in crafting customized footwear, ensuring the perfect style, size, and fit for their clients, empowering them to realize their dream shoes. We cordially invite you to immerse yourself in this collection, a manifestation of our unwavering passion and commitment. Step into a world where luxury converges with conscience and join us in this stylish paradox.
The TIESTA X Nikhil Thampi collection will be available for online purchase at Additionally, interested individuals can directly reach out to the TIESTA team via their Instagram page to place orders.
The oral wellness industry seeks a missing link, one that can encapsulate both the allure of luxury and a purpose extending beyond the realm of mere medical remedies. A fresh approach that has the potential to redefine opulence and a platform ready to facilitate this transformation. This missing piece is none other than Salt.
If indulging in oral wellness, crafting daily rituals of care, and elevating oral hygiene to an act of self-love are the ideals we wish to promote, then Salt stands as our concealed gem. Every Salt product is a culmination of collaborative efforts involving the gifts of nature’s flora, a team of adept professionals, and a guiding mission that persists.
Salt represents a commitment that necessitates a prominent place in your daily routines and bath shelves. With a resolute purpose at our core, we now stand at your service, enabling you to embrace a lifestyle rather than simply adhering to a regimen.
Salt is the brainchild of co-founders Karanraj Kohli and Viraj Kapur, notable figures in Bollywood and television production. Viraj Kapur, Co-Founder of Salt said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” He shared, “At Salt, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a redefined, luxurious, eco-friendly, and, most importantly, results-driven oral care experience and more.
Each of our products serves as a pathway to redefinition, reciprocity, and revelation, made possible by the intervention of nature. From the bristles of our toothbrushes to the flavors of our tooth powders, our ingredients are ethically sourced from botanical extracts and the treasures of the forest. We place our trust in the authenticity of these components, aiming for a future where sustainability seamlessly intertwines with sophistication and luxury.
Karanraj Kohli, the Co-Founder of Salt said, “We are forward-thinking artisans, committed to leaving an indelible legacy for our planet and its inhabitants. Our users will never have to compromise between a healthy smile, affordability, or aesthetics.
Salt has been meticulously designed and curated to accompany you as your “care partner” on your journey towards reimagining oral wellness. We aspire to bring significant value to your everyday routines.
Fitspire has unveiled a strategic partnership with actor Tiger Shroff and the movie “Ganapath.” This collaboration aims to feature Fitspire’s recently launched peanut butter brand in the movie, capitalizing on the rapidly growing Indian peanut butter market estimated at $120 million. Established in 2020 by Vipen Jain, an alumnus of IIM Lucknow, Fitspire is an FMCG startup that offers a diverse range of over 80 vegan products and combinations to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. The company also benefits from the leadership of two accomplished female co-founders, Nidhi Jain, and Hinah Sawhney, and has cultivated a robust customer base of 1 million individuals. Currently, Fitspire serves customers in more than 15,000 pin codes across India, providing vegan wellness and fitness products derived from natural ingredients. All of their products adhere to international safety standards and meet FSSAI guidelines.
Vipen Jain, the Founder and CEO of Fitspire said, “Tiger Shroff is a youth icon renowned for his unwavering commitment to health and fitness. Partnering with Tiger Shroff for our peanut butter brand aligns perfectly with our objectives, given that this segment is experiencing rapid growth, with a 20 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), driven by the increasing demand from health-conscious GenZs and millennials.
The demand for peanut butter has witnessed exponential growth, particularly post-2020 pandemic, as consumers increasingly seek to incorporate vegan and plant-based protein into their diets. This trend is expected to take precedence in the Indian market in the forthcoming years due to growing awareness of the significance of healthy and sustainable living, as highlighted by Vipen.
The movie “Ganapath,” featuring Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon and produced by Vikas Bahl and Jacky Bhagnani, portrays the transformation of an ordinary man into a robust and powerful mercenary on a mission to protect his people from evil forces. The film, which has recently hit the box office, prominently introduces Fitspire Peanut Butter in various scenes, further enhancing the brand’s visibility.
Lotus Electronics, one of India’s leading electronic retail chains, is delighted to announce the launch of its Navratri Festival Deals, a celebration that harmoniously blends tradition with innovation. In the spirit of this auspicious season, Lotus Electronics is offering exclusive deals and a chance to win remarkable prizes, all aimed at making Navratri truly special. This Navratri, the retailer presents an opportunity to win Cashback of up to Rs 10,000, along with prizes worth an astounding Rs 1 crore, and discounts of up to 70 percent on a wide range of products.
Lotus Electronics brings unprecedented discounts, with up to 85 percent off on watches. The retailer is also extending incredible offers such as a 70 percent discount on audio devices and television sets, enhancing the viewing experience for customers. Prices are slashed by 50 percent on air conditioners and laptops, providing a fantastic deal. Additionally, customers can enjoy a generous 40 percent discount on smartphones, and attractive discounts of up to 35 percent on washing machines and refrigerators this festive season.
Gaurav Pahwa, Director of Lotus Electronics said, “Navratri signifies joy, celebration, and unity, and Lotus Electronics is here to add to the festivity with these unbeatable offers. We understand the significance of this festival in our customers’ lives and are dedicated to being a part of their celebrations. Our objective is to make the shopping experience for our customers as delightful as possible. The Navratri Festival Deals at Lotus Electronics are all about spreading happiness and savings. We encourage our customers to explore our website or visit the nearest store to enjoy instant discounts and make the most of this Navratri!
Lotus Electronics has a presence with 20 stores across 8 cities, including Indore, Bhopal, Ujjain, Raipur, Bilaspur, Nagpur, Jabalpur, and Bhilai. Customers can conveniently visit the nearest store in their vicinity or make purchases online through the company’s website to access these exclusive deals.
The Body Shop, renowned as the original ethical beauty brand, has launched its festive campaign, “Spark a Change,” coinciding with the onset of Diwali and the release of its range of transformative gifts, available both in-store and online.
Amidst a delightful assortment of vegan beauty indulgences and luxurious body care products, The Body Shop presents a diverse collection to brighten every Diwali celebration and cater to various budgets. However, these gifts serve a more profound purpose than merely bringing joy to the recipients. They play a pivotal role in igniting a change in the lives of the talented artisans who contribute to their crafting, courtesy of the brand’s distinctive Community Fair Trade1 initiative.
The “Spark a Change” campaign is elevated by an inspiring film featuring the acclaimed Indian actor, Shefali Shah, an Emmy Awards nominee for 2023. The film chronicles her visit to The Body Shop store as she seeks ethical gifts for her dear ones. A poignant segment of the film gracefully portrays the skilled women of Teddy Exports2, a long-standing Community Fair Trade partner of The Body Shop based in India. These adept artisans meticulously handcraft recycled cotton gift bags, commissioned exclusively by The Body Shop India for the festive season. In their own unique way, the women of Teddy Exports, alongside Shefali Shah, contribute to sparking change and spreading joy, in perfect harmony with The Body Shop’s fundamental commitment to catalyzing positive transformations in the world.
Harmeet Singh, VP of Marketing, E-commerce, and Product at The Body Shop, Asia South said, “Every gift from The Body Shop incorporates ingredients or packaging sourced from our Community Fair Trade partners. With each purchase, customers not only acquire a gift but also extend support to communities worldwide, particularly in India, thanks to the pouches skillfully handcrafted by the artisans at Teddy Exports. This festive season, they hold the potential to trigger constructive changes in numerous lives.
Customers are presented with a splendid array of festive gifts, featuring delightful options such as the Treats Shea Duo at Rs 595, the Beauty Bag Nourishing (Avocado) at Rs 1545, and the Lather Slather British Rose at Rs 4695. For those seeking a more personalized touch, the option of handpicking one of Teddy Export’s vibrant pouches is available. These pouches can be generously filled with nature-inspired treats, such as the popular British Rose Shower Gel or the captivating new Full Flowers Eau de Parfum. The power to craft the perfect transformative gift now rests in their hands.
BSH Home Appliances, a subsidiary of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, a global leader in the home appliance industry, proudly introduces the iQ700 range of built-in ovens under the Siemens brand in India. These ovens are a groundbreaking addition to Siemens’ product portfolio, offering an industry-first integrated camera that promises to redefine the cooking experience for Indian households. Packed with cutting-edge features and a sleek design, the iQ700 ovens aim to set new standards for connected cooking in India, making them an ideal choice for culinary enthusiasts and novices alike.
These modern and efficient ovens are available in standard 60 x 60 cm dimensions, catering to a variety of consumer preferences. The interiors of the oven are perfectly illuminated by two energy-efficient LED lights, providing a clear view of the cooking process without the need to open the oven. The Home Connect feature allows users to control the oven programs through Voice Control, a smartphone, tablet, or touch display via the Home Connect App.
Saif Khan, MD and CEO, BSH Home Appliances India said, “We are truly excited to introduce the Siemens iQ700 ovens in India which pave the way for the future of cooking with an array of industry-first features.  For over a century, Siemens has been synonymous with innovation, quality, and precision in the world of home appliances. With the iQ700 range, we are not only continuing this rich tradition but also redefining it for the digital age. With this latest addition, we invite you to embark on a journey that combines the trusted heritage of Siemens appliances with the limitless possibilities of the future. At BSH Home Appliances, we are committed to enhancing your everyday life, and the Siemens iQ700 ovens are a shining example of that commitment. We ensure that with this new range, the kitchen takes care of the cooking and our customers can take care of their friends and family!
The integrated camera in the Siemens iQ700 ovens revolutionizes convenience in Indian kitchens. It enables remote monitoring of the cooking process through a smartphone app or other connected devices. This feature is particularly useful for keeping an eye on food from different parts of the house or even outside. The camera provides a clear view of the food, allowing for precise control of browning levels, making it ideal for dishes that require precise timing and browning, such as roasts or baked goods. Food bloggers and professional chefs can also benefit from the camera by creating time-lapse videos of the cooking process. Furthermore, the camera facilitates remote diagnostics for technical support, reducing the need for in-person service calls.
The Home Connect App alerts users when the dish is ready and automatically turns off the oven, providing a seamless cooking experience. The ovens also feature advanced technologies like cookControl Pro, bakingSensor Plus, and roastinSensor Plus, ensuring baking and roasting are more satisfying than ever before.

U&i is delighted to introduce two new budget-friendly 10000mAh power banks, namely the EXCEL Series and the ULTIMATE Series. These portable powerhouses are crafted to ensure that your devices stay charged while you’re on the move, delivering impressive speed and style. Compact yet powerful, they offer a remarkable 22.5 watts of power output.
The EXCEL Series stands out as a versatile power bank that eliminates the need to carry charging cables. This innovative device is equipped with pre-attached USB-C and Lightning cables, facilitating the seamless charging of Apple gadgets, Android smartphones, and virtually any other device featuring a USB-C connection. Additionally, the EXCEL offers conventional USB-A and USB-C (PD) ports, providing the flexibility to connect longer cables or share your power bank with friends. With a cumulative power output of 22.5 watts (5V/9V/12V, up to 4.5A), it allows for the simultaneous charging of up to four devices using all four available ports. The power bank itself can be conveniently recharged via the micro USB and USB-C ports, with the surface LED display indicating the remaining power.
The ULTIMATE Series, on the other hand, is tailored for compatibility with the latest Apple iPhone 15 series, while also accommodating iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 models. Featuring robust built-in magnets for MagSafe-compatible devices, this power bank attaches to the rear of your iPhone, enabling you to continue with your tasks or leisure activities as it replenishes your device in the background. The ULTIMATE Series is a wireless power bank that offers Qi-compatible smartphone charging at speeds of up to 15 watts (15W/10W/7.5W/5W) through intelligent power sensing. It is designed with a sleek and compact profile, offered in three distinct colors: Orange, Blue, and Black. Whether you slip it into your pocket or keep it in your waist pouch, the ULTIMATE Series power bank is your ideal travel companion. It supports multiple charging standards and protocols, including Flash Charge, Charge Turbo, WARP, PD, Super VOOC, DASH, and Quick Charge.
The U&i EXCEL and ULTIMATE Series 10000mAh Power Banks are priced at Rs 2,999 and Rs 3,999, respectively. These products are available for purchase at all U&i outlets and other leading retail stores across India.
Endefo has introduced its highly-anticipated line of True Wireless Earbuds (TWS) in the Indian market, offering consumers a range of five impressive models: Enbuds 12, Enbuds 14, Enbuds 20, Enbuds 21, and Enbuds Aura. These earbuds are poised to revolutionize the audio experience for Indian customers, with prices starting at a budget-friendly Rs 899 and going up to Rs 1499, ensuring accessibility without compromising on performance. Endefo’s TWS products are readily available to customers through a network of over 2000 retail stores across India.
Aneef Tas, a representative of Endefo, expressed the brand’s commitment to delivering innovative audio solutions tailored to the needs of the youth. These earbuds epitomize Endefo’s core values, where style, performance, and affordability intersect. Notably, the unique transparent design of the earbuds promises to offer users an unparalleled and captivating audio experience.
Tas further emphasized the dedicated efforts of Endefo’s team in crafting products that not only deliver exceptional audio performance but also stand out with top-tier craftsmanship and robust build quality. Recognizing that customers seek more than just outstanding sound quality, the brand has taken pride in the fact that these products are entirely manufactured in India. This aligns with the ‘Make in India’ initiative, reflecting a strong commitment to local manufacturing and skill development.
Endefo’s newly launched TWS range will be exclusively accessible in select retail stores across India. This approach ensures that customers have the opportunity for a hands-on experience, enabling them to test and select the Enbuds model that best aligns with their preferences.
Notably, the brand recently unveiled plans to invest 200 crore in the Indian Wearable Technology Market by the end of 2024, with a strategic aim to secure a 10 percent market share in the Indian Weartech segment within three years.
VAHDAM India has taken India’s finest teas and spices to the global stage while commemorating the 2nd edition of International Turmeric Day. This event plays a pivotal role in raising awareness about the multifaceted benefits of turmeric and its versatile applications. VAHDAM India, known for its steadfast commitment to wellness, dedicated an entire week from 8th October to 15th October to pay homage to the incredible virtues of turmeric.
In a concerted effort to make this event exceptional, VAHDAM India collaborated with five distinguished content creators from around the world. These creators adeptly showcased the versatile uses of turmeric in beauty regimens, lifestyle practices, culinary delights, and wellness routines. Their collective endeavors served to underscore the universal and timeless appeal of this ancient spice.
The VAHDAM India Flagship Experience Store featured a custom installation designed to showcase the brand’s best-selling turmeric products. This visual masterpiece vividly portrayed the brand’s commitment to curating the finest turmeric-based offerings. As part of this celebratory event, VAHDAM India offered an exclusive tea sampling experience, featuring its hot and cold turmeric signature blends infused with exquisite ingredients like saffron and ashwagandha. This allowed customers to indulge in the rich and aromatic flavors of these unique blends.
In a gesture of gratitude for their patronage, VAHDAM India extended complimentary turmeric goodies to all shoppers who joined in the celebration. In line with the spirit of International Turmeric Day, VAHDAM India introduced “Turmeric Tales,” an informative newspaper meticulously crafted to educate consumers on the potency and versatility of turmeric. This invaluable resource seeks to empower individuals with knowledge about the benefits and diverse applications of this revered spice.
VAHDAM India’s unwavering dedication to curating the finest Indian teas and wellness products remains evident, and International Turmeric Day serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to sharing the goodness of turmeric with the world.
Indulge your imagination and give life to your creative ideas with the expansive LCD writing pad, the Ruffpad 21 by Portronics. As a prominent player in the digital and portable consumer electronics market in India, Portronics presents this exceptional accessory designed for every workspace, whether it’s the office, home, or school. The Ruffpad 21 not only adds a touch of fun to creativity but also contributes significantly to the environment by reducing paper usage, making it a thoughtful gift for kids, students, and colleagues.
The Portronics Ruffpad 21 boasts a sizable anti-glare screen, perfect for doodling, note-taking, and capturing brilliant ideas. Weighing a mere 770g, this LCD Writing Pad features a lightweight premium ABS enclosure and operates with a simple stylus pen that requires no charging or batteries. With its generous 21-inch usable space, it serves as an invaluable learning tool for young ones and a versatile portable slate for creative professionals. The Ruffpad 21 is not only an eco-friendly choice, but it also leads to significant paper savings from the moment you begin using it, thanks to its rewritable pad and replaceable coin cell.
Say goodbye to concerns about eye strain, headaches, or fatigue, as the LCD screen offers moderate brightness and anti-glare properties, ensuring it’s safe for users of all ages, including kids. Cleaning the pad is a breeze with the convenient One-Tap Erase button, preparing you for your next project. And if you ever worry about accidentally erasing your hard work, the Smart Lock button is at your service to prevent mishaps. Additionally, you can save and share your creative sketches, doodles, or notes on your smartphone using the Ruffpad App, available for both Android and iOS. Sharing your creations with friends on various social media platforms is just a tap away.
This versatile device is the perfect companion for everyone, serving as an interactive tablet for kids, a reliable writing and scratch pad for students, and an exceptional digital notepad for note-taking and brainstorming in the office. The Portronics Ruffpad 21 effortlessly transitions between home and office environments, making it an excellent gift choice for your loved ones on any occasion.
Rang De has joined forces with Bakarmax, a prominent animation and comics studio, to craft engaging animated ad films that raise awareness about social investing, an innovative approach to support creditworthy, unbanked individuals. The primary aim of this partnership is in alignment with Rang De’s broader objective of expanding its base of social investors, particularly among the younger generation, who share a common concern for underserved communities. Leveraging Bakarmax’s creative prowess and its growing audience of approximately 80,000 people each month across various platforms, this partnership is poised to accelerate Rang De’s long-term goal of attracting one million social investors to its platform within the next three years.
Sukhada Chaudhary, VP Community and Content at Rang De said, “This collaboration is our endeavor to reach a new audience. Through animation and storytelling, we believe we can make the concept of social investing more appealing. Our target audience is the younger, socially-conscious demographic, and these ad films are tailor-made to serve that purpose.
Rang De, since its inception, has been dedicated to connecting socially conscious individuals as lenders to underserved borrowers across India. Since 2019, the platform has disbursed over Rs 61 crore in loans and facilitated more than 18,000 loans to rural entrepreneurs and students, thanks to the support of 8700+ social investors who lend through Rang De’s platform. This partnership leverages the creativity and appeal of animation to effectively introduce and communicate the benefits of social investing to a wider audience.
Sumit Kumar, Founder of Bakarmax said, “I am an absolute fan of Rang De, and when we approached the Rang De team with our idea – they were equally open. As the project progressed, the entire Bakarmax team fell in love with Rang De. After understanding what Rang De wanted and the audience in question, we researched and found unique data points about ‘investors looking for new investment options’ and how social investment ‘reduces poverty on a national scale.’ With these insights, we got to writing and created animation magic. We gave this project everything so people seek Rang De and transform rural India through social investing. With these films – we believe we have done our bit, just like Rang De does every day.
The debut video of this collaboration revolves around the theme “Naya Kya Hai” (What’s New). It features a dynamic female protagonist who is frustrated with the limited options available in various categories such as clothing, food, and more. She is introduced to traditional investment avenues, like the stock market and mutual funds, which only compound her frustration. The narrator then introduces her to ‘Social Investing,’ a genuinely “Naya” (New) concept, which brings her relief. The second video showcases the protagonist taking charge as an investor, supporting rural entrepreneurs with essential needs like purchasing a cow or harvesting a crop. The video culminates with the protagonist investing in these rural entrepreneurs, encouraging viewers to do the same through the Rang De platform and earn returns.
Kanine, the pinnacle of pet luxury, is delighted to unveil the exclusive arrival of Milk and Pepper, the prestigious French brand renowned for its chic pet accessories and outdoor wear, to the thriving and ever-expanding pet market in India.
Milk and Pepper epitomize style and unmatched quality within the realm of pet accessories. Hailing from the fashion capital of the world, Paris, this brand infuses a dose of French elegance into every four-legged companion’s wardrobe. Their product range encompasses an array of offerings, from collars, leashes, and harnesses to snug jackets, windbreakers, and stylish hoodies. Milk and Pepper seamlessly marry fashion with functionality, ensuring that pets experience not only comfort but also effortlessly exude a fashionable flair.
We are thrilled to bring the essence of French sophistication to the Indian pet market through our exclusive partnership with Milk and Pepper. At Kanine, we believe that pets deserve nothing but the best, and this collaboration is a testament to our commitment to providing luxury and style for furry companions,” shared Shilpa Dhingra Founder and Creative Director, Kanine India.
As the much-anticipated festive season approaches, trueBrowns, a homegrown urban ethnic lifestyle brand celebrated for its seamless fusion of Indian heritage and contemporary sophistication, proudly presents its exquisite festive collection, Rutba. This collection not only marks the brand’s debut in the menswear segment but also introduces the second drop of their jewelry line. With Rutba, trueBrowns endeavors to captivate its audience with an array of stunning pieces that exude jubilance, heralding a fresh perspective on festive fashion.
Through this collection, trueBrowns artfully weaves together an enchanting tapestry of colors and textures, a testimony to their unwavering commitment to style and comfort that redefines the art of celebration. Rutba embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, offering a wide array of splendid ensembles crafted from delicate silks in vibrant color blocks, breathable cotton embellished with intricate embroideries, and luxurious gold weaves that infuse a touch of opulence.
Debuting their Menswear line, the brand meticulously curates co-ord sets and long kurtas designed for men who value both style and comfort. The fabric selections are a symphony of luxury, featuring Cotton, Muslin Silk, Viscose Silk, and Silk Blend. Their long kurtas radiate sophistication, while the co-ord sets seamlessly merge refinement with ease. For women, the collection presents signature kurta sets that blend traditional and contemporary styles, elegant jacket sets for making a statement, and timeless sarees that exude sheer grace. Notable highlights include mesmerizing color-blocked silk sarees and metallic-threaded cotton sarees, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and a tribute to tradition.
Within the ambit of this collection, trueBrowns expands its bespoke jewelry line. Their brass pieces are meticulously plated with 18K and 22K gold, adding an extra layer of elegance to your celebrations. Each piece serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to crafting timeless accessories.
The brand’s fundamental ethos has always centered around celebrating quintessential Indian styles with effortlessly chic outfits, catering to a wide size range from 2XS to 6XL for women and XS to XXL for men.
With trueBrowns, style isn’t just a choice; it’s an expression of your essence. It’s about commemorating every moment with authenticity, elegance, and comfort. Rutba is a vibrant fusion of colors, thoughtfully designed to evoke joy, happiness, and togetherness, with each piece narrating a unique story, and every moment radiating purity.
We are delighted to introduce Satish Nair as the Senior Vice President of Retail at Zappfresh. With an impressive career spanning over 25 years in transformative leadership roles, Nair has consistently showcased an exceptional aptitude for driving growth, innovation, and strategic excellence.
Nair will spearhead the retail division, focusing on developing and implementing strategies to elevate the customer experience and drive sustainable growth initiatives. His visionary leadership is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Zappfresh. His appointment comes at a crucial juncture for the company, as it continues its expansion into southern regions and embarks on new growth strategies. ZappFresh’s primary focus for the upcoming six months revolves around establishing a strong presence in the Bangalore market. Through expansion into new pin codes and a commitment to delivering on their promise of value, health, and quality, ZappFresh aims to firmly establish itself and win the loyalty of consumers in the region. The recent acquisition of Dr. Meat, owned by Sukos Foods, further reinforces their growth strategy. Nair’s profound industry knowledge and proven track record of driving business transformation are poised to enhance Zappfresh’s leadership in the market.
Deepanshu Manchanda, Founder of Zappfresh said, “We extend a warm welcome to Satish Nair as our Senior Vice President of Retail. His extensive industry experience and visionary leadership align seamlessly with Zappfresh’s commitment to delivering the freshest, highest-quality products to our customers. We are confident that his insights and expertise will serve as a cornerstone in our ongoing pursuit of growth and expansion.
During his tenure at Mother Dairy, Nair oversaw substantial expansion and modernization. His roles at Cadbury and PepsiCo Frito-Lay were marked by groundbreaking sales and marketing campaigns and successful product launches.
Nair expressed, “I am deeply honored to join the Zappfresh family, a company that shares my passion for excellence. I eagerly anticipate collaborating with the immensely talented Zappfresh team and contributing to the company’s continued successes. With my experience, I aim to elevate their success to the next level.
With a successful track record spanning over eight years, Zappfresh achieved profitability last year and reached significant milestones. With a customer base of over 300,000 in the National Capital Region (NCR), the company has solidified its position, built a robust supply chain from the ground up, and established a reputable brand known for its unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
Diwali, signifying the arrival of the new moon, represents the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. This cherished festival illuminates the skies with flickering lanterns and promises new victories as friends and family exchange gifts and well wishes at celebratory gatherings.
In a vibrant Diwali campaign, Swarovski collaborates with its brand ambassador, actress Ananya Panday, to bring forth the radiance of this festival. Echoing the festival’s joyful opulence, Ananya showcases the captivating brilliance of Swarovski’s carefully chosen creations, designed to infuse celebrations with unparalleled grandeur.
Giovanna Engelbert, Swarovski Global Creative Director said, “Epitomizing grace, beauty, and the spirit of modern India, Ananya embodies the essence of Swarovski’s Diwali 2023 campaign, which highlights our commitment to creating moments of brilliance. As we join the celebrations, we are thrilled to unveil a campaign that seamlessly blends Swarovski’s mastery of light and crystal artistry with Ananya’s exuberant elegance.
Featured Collections:
1. MESMERA: Scattered with shimmering stones and clusters of precision-cut crystals, Mesmera elevates ensembles with radiant luxury. The collection features an array of cuts and sizes, illuminating festive styles with a jubilant glow.
2. MILLENIA: An evocative reimagining of Swarovski’s savoir-faire, Millenia’s alluring rows are a luxurious tribute to crystals. Monochromatic necklaces captivate attention, with oversized stones exuding extraordinary brilliance.
3. GEMA: A prismatic homage to Swarovski’s heritage, Gema’s dynamic designs celebrate Diwali with a burst of colors, from bright blues to invigorating orange hues.
The Diwali campaign featuring Ananya Panday will be accessible in all Swarovski stores,, and fashion e-commerce platforms starting from October 12, 2023.
Renowned Indian movie icon Kareena Kapoor Khan has entered into a strategic partnership with Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee, the founders of the prominent makeup brand, SUGAR Cosmetics, to introduce Quench Botanics. This is a premium Korean skincare brand meticulously designed to suit the specific needs of Indian skin and adapt to the country’s diverse weather conditions. Kareena Kapoor Khan, an iconic superstar, assumes the role of Co-owner and Investor at Quench, marking a significant step in her entrepreneurial journey with a vision to establish the brand as one of India’s largest and most beloved beauty brands.
Quench Botanics offers an array of high-quality Korean skincare products that aim to address significant concerns related to Indian skin. These products are crafted using effective, 100 percent vegetarian natural ingredients. Currently, Quench boasts a portfolio of over 90 high-performing products, with ongoing innovations in the pipeline. Targeting the Gen Z and millennial demographic, the Quench product range is priced affordably.
Kareena Kapoor Khan, celebrated both on and off the screen for her talent, versatility, style, and beauty, elevates her entrepreneurial aspirations through her investment in Quench Botanics. Known for her trailblazing influence in the course of her illustrious career, Kareena will collaborate closely with the Quench Botanics team to actualize the vision of transforming it into an all-encompassing beauty brand that genuinely caters to the distinct needs of the Indian consumer.
Vineeta Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics said, “Kareena Kapoor Khan epitomizes an icon in every facet, and we are thrilled to have her as a co-owner and investor in Quench Botanics. Kareena personifies the essence of effortless beauty and authenticity, and her commitment to simplicity aligns seamlessly with Quench Botanics’ vision of providing skincare solutions rooted in minimalism and the goodness of nature. We are excited to embark on this journey together and look forward to steering Quench Botanics to even greater heights of success.
The partnership between Kareena Kapoor Khan and the creators of one of India’s most sought-after cosmetics brands holds great promise for the future of Quench Botanics. Together, they are poised to continue developing innovative and sustainable beauty and wellness solutions that empower individuals to look and feel their best.
Provenance, the meticulously curated library of fine foods and gifts, has shifted its focus to emerging brands and artisans from India and beyond. The brand has reimagined its gourmet gift boutique and café, strategically situated in Palladium Mall, Mumbai, just in time for the approaching festive season.
Occupying a 400 sq. ft space on the mall’s first floor, the boutique also introduces an on-the-go café. Its repertoire encompasses one of the most extensive collections of chocolates and gourmet delights hailing from India and across the globe. These encompass chocolates and cookies by Maxim’s de Paris from France, Willie’s Cacao Chocolates from the UK, crafted with 100 percent natural ingredients devoid of preservatives or artificial flavors, as well as Dolfin Chocolates from Belgium, to name but a few. Their chocolate library boasts more than 100 distinct variations of chocolates.
Provenance patrons will savor Provenance’s signature craft coffee and an array of delectable desserts, featuring offerings like the Rose Pistachio Cake, the Chocolate Cookie Crunch Cake with Sea Salt Caramel, and the Gluten-Free Almond Orange Cake, alongside various other gourmet delicacies and products thoughtfully sourced from different corners of the world.
In addition to the world of fine chocolates, Provenance serves as a platform for numerous other renowned artisanal brands, including Torres and Papabubble from Spain, and Bialetti from Italy, among others. Each brand showcased at Provenance is meticulously chosen for its genuineness, unwavering commitment to quality, and dedication to the art of craftsmanship. The boutique caters to a diverse clientele, embracing chocolate enthusiasts, connoisseurs of tea and coffee, fitness aficionados, and those with particular inclinations such as milk, white, dark, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, or organic chocolate gift baskets or gift boxes.
With Diwali festivities approaching, the spirit of gifting among friends and family is particularly pronounced. Provenance steps in to offer a delightful solution. Whether you seek to pamper yourself this season or wish to surprise a cherished one, Provenance has thoughtfully curated gourmet gift hampers, boxes, and baskets to meet your gifting requirements. These Provenance Bespoke Gift Hampers, brimming with warmth and affection, are poised to redefine the art of festive gifting and are available for shipping all across India.
To add a personalized touch, the boutique extends the option of customizing gift hampers. Guests are encouraged to tailor gifts in accordance with their budget and preferences, and the in-store stylist is readily available to assist in the design of hampers, complete with personalized packaging, branded message cards, ribbons, brand logos, and color schemes.
Mahāsa Ghar is poised to revolutionize the shopping experience with the launch of its website on October 22. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Kanishka Tripathi, Mahāsa Ghar envisions an interactive and utopian approach to shopping, heralding a transformative shift in the online retail journey. The platform is dedicated to promoting ethicality, rekindling a connection to heritage, and reshaping home living for discerning consumers in India.
Mahāsa Ghar seamlessly merges a 3D environment with an interactive e-commerce storefront. Rooted in the philosophy of embracing a slower and more mindful way of life, it rejects the culture of overconsumption and champions intricate and artisanal craftsmanship. This approach harmoniously combines 360° Augmented Reality with the convenience of e-commerce, inviting customers to explore meticulously curated living spaces that pay homage to heritage and traditions.
Kanishka Tripathi, Founder and CEO, articulated, “In this dynamic digital age, where the boundaries of traditional commerce are continually expanding, Mahāsa Ghar stands at the forefront of this evolution. We are not merely a business; we are architects of an industrial vision. Our platform seamlessly integrates cutting-edge 3D virtual environments with an intuitive e-commerce interface, embodying the essence of mindful living. In a world inundated with overconsumption, we advocate for artisanal craftsmanship, intricate detailing, and ethical commerce. Mahāsa Ghar signifies the intersection of technological innovation and conscious consumerism. As the founder and CEO of Mahāsa Ghar, I am honored to lead this revolutionary charge. Our commitment extends beyond delivering exceptional products; it encompasses redefining the very essence of the shopping experience. We invite consumers to explore, engage, and embrace a novel way of engaging with the art of purchasing. Together, we are redefining the future of retail, one mindful purchase at a time.
Mahāsa Ghar is dedicated to the transformation of living spaces by endorsing ethical brands, championing sustainability, and paying homage to our rich cultural heritage. Experience the grand unveiling of our website on October 22nd.
Meolaa, a digitally-native sustainable consumer products e-commerce platform, proudly announces the successful completion of its seed funding round, securing an impressive $2 million in investments. Turbostart, a leading investor with a strong belief in Meolaa’s mission to transform consumer products into a force for good, led the funding round.
Founded by the dynamic 23-year-old Ishita Sawant, Meolaa has swiftly emerged as a distinctive voice and a unique platform in the Indian e-commerce landscape since its inception. With an impressive portfolio boasting over 1500 brands and a diverse assortment of more than 125,000 products spanning six categories, Meolaa stands as the fastest-growing one-stop-shop for high-performance, planet-conscious products, thoughtfully curated for Gen Z.
At the core of Meolaa’s vision lies the belief that sustainability is the future, and our actions today hold significance. Meolaa adopts an experience-driven approach to e-commerce, aiming to redefine how consumers interact with brands. The platform ensures that every shopping experience is not only enjoyable but also deeply engaging.
As the consumer landscape evolves, Meolaa recognizes the shift in preferences toward purpose-driven shopping experiences. The platform strategically positions itself to meet this demand by harnessing cutting-edge technology to provide a seamless, personalized, and purpose-driven shopping experience to its customers. For brands, Meolaa aspires to be the premier listing platform, offering solutions to the scaling and brand positioning challenges they often face.
Ganesh Raju, Founder, Turbostart said, “We are confident about our recent investment in Meolaa, a purpose-led e-commerce platform, curated for the newer generation. This marks an exciting milestone as one of Turbostart’s initial investments with many more to follow in the e-commerce space. What truly sets Meolaa apart and what makes us believe in the brand is its unwavering commitment to sustainability, aligning perfectly with the growing global demand for eco-conscious businesses. Current trends show that Generation Z prioritizes sustainable buying decisions over brand names, making a compelling case for the platform’s potential. Beyond financial support, Turbostart is strategically poised to aid Meolaa’s global expansion, with a specific emphasis on regions including the Middle East and Africa, the United States, and Singapore. Ishita, a young and exceptionally talented entrepreneur, has demonstrated remarkable business acumen and we are truly impressed by her vision and passion, giving us another reason to invest in Meolaa. We are excited to join her on this incredible journey.
Ishita Sawant, Founder of Meolaa said, “Meolaa’s Seed funding is a stepping stone in our journey towards a world where all choices are sustainable choices. We aim to enable customers to shop with confidence knowing everything you buy from us is good for you, your family, and the planet. We are excited to partner with Turbostart to accelerate our journey towards empowering a sustainable revolution through our marketplace of 1500+ vetted brands. We plan to deploy these funds towards building our team for our next stage of growth, establishing Meolaa as the trusted platform for sustainable consumer products, and enabling thousands of happy customers to build a healthier life.
Previously, the e-commerce startup secured pre-seed funding from notable investors, including Dr. Ranjan Pai of Manipal Education and Medical Group, Dale Vaz, Ex-CTO of Swiggy, Nikhil Vora, Founder and CEO of Sixth Sense Ventures, Sachin Bhartiya, Founder of Lighthouse Funds, and StrongHer Ventures.
Meolaa’s journey has just begun, and this seed funding represents the initial step in realizing their vision of reshaping how the newer generation shops and interacts with brands in India. The platform’s commitment to conscious consumption, innovation, and seamless customer experiences is poised to establish new benchmarks in e-commerce.
Clensta, the personal care brand that recently welcomed actor Parineeti Chopra as a Partner and Investor, has now enlisted actor Sandeepa Dhar as its brand ambassador for its innovative range of products. Sandeepa, known for her roles in various films and web series, including “Heropanti,” “Dabangg 2,” “Abhay,” and more, will be instrumental in capturing the youth market for the brand in India.
Clensta, backed by IIT Delhi, offers a wide array of personal care products spanning multiple categories. Their commitment to amalgamating cutting-edge science (STAR and CRAN Technology) with sustainability has garnered immense popularity among consumers in India.
Puneet Gupta, CEO and Founder of Clensta said, “We welcome Sandeepa as she becomes a part of the Clensta team, and we eagerly anticipate her support in spreading the word among India’s informed and nature-conscious youth about our unique product range.
As part of her role, Sandeepa Dhar will feature in a forthcoming brand campaign to promote Clensta’s Skincare category across digital platforms, including Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Purplle, Meesho, and Myntra. Additionally, Clensta’s products are available at over 10,000 retail outlets across India, including popular chains such as Wellness Forever, Reliance Smart, Health and Glow, Tata1MG, Combination, and more.
Parineeti Chopra, who joined Clensta in July this year as an investor and partner, also serves as the brand ambassador for the haircare and Gummies range. Clensta recently raised Rs 75 crore in a pre-series B funding round led by TradeCred and co-led by the Royal Family from the UAE, with participation from the actress-turned-entrepreneur as one of the investors.
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