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Today, October 28, 2023
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AMMAN — In response to the global trend towards strengthening education and developing educational processes through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and modern technology, Amman hosted the fifth edition of the InnoXera Global Summit on Wednesday.
This summit, organised in cooperation with the Information and Communications Technology Association (int@j), convened a group of experts and speakers, according to a statement from the organisers.
Among the largest in Jordan, this EdTech summit aimed to empower students, enhance their critical thinking, and underscore the future of education in light of ever-progressing technologies.
The event enabled investors, decision makers, education leaders, educators, and researchers from Jordan and around the world to explore and adopt the latest technologies in smart learning, integrating AI into the Jordanian education sector.
It further introduced new concepts like “Super Platforms,” enabling learning through integrated platforms to enhance the teacher’s role and improve educational system management in line with the technological evolution.

Developing Education Sector and Adopting AI

“The future of education in Jordan starts with this endeavour,” stated Majed Al Sheikh, General Manager of Classera in Jordan, emphasising the significant strides that Jordan is making in advancing the education sector and embracing AI technologies.
Muhammad Al Madani, CEO of Classera, discussed the significant role of technology in shaping the future of education and training. He stressed the summit’s dedication to achieving the objectives of digital transformation, which align with the United Nations’ vision for sustainable development, with a particular focus on the education sector.
“Jordan’s selection as the host for InnoXera Global Summit’s fifth edition affirms the Kingdom’s commitment to keeping up with the significant technological revolution to advance education, foster a culture of digital transformation and innovation, and make noteworthy strides in developing educational methodologies for the year 2030,” noted Madani.

Central EdTech Issues

The sessions held within InnoXera focused on central issues in educational technologies, including “Artificial Intelligence and the Fifth Industrial Revolution”, “The Next Educational Revolution”, the role of the private sector in bridging the gap related to the skills needed in the technology sector, and how to shape the future of education in the world of Artificial Intelligence.
The Senior Director of Education at Microsoft (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Mark East, disclosed that the fifth industrial revolution will have a profound impact on education: Teachers’ roles will change, students will benefit from their own personal teaching assistant and decisions will be made based upon data that in turn will help improve student learning outcomes.
General Manager of Classera Jordan office, Majed Al Sheikh, said: “We shouldn’t be passive observers of the ongoing global debate surrounding artificial intelligence technologies. These technologies present opportunities for rapid progress across various sectors, and as highlighted by the summit’s panelists, Artificial Intelligence will not replace teachers but will enhance their roles and will also equip students with critical thinking skills, leveraging technology as an ideal classroom partner.”

Strengthening educational outcomes

Nidal Bitar, CEO of the Information and Communications Technology Association in Jordan – int@j,  highlighted the association’s pivotal role in strengthening educational outcomes and aligning them with labour market demands.
int@j actively fosters partnerships with Jordanian universities to achieve this goal, acknowledging the importance of an ongoing dialogue between decision makers, curriculum developers, and the private sector to help students bridge the gap between their university education and the specific job market requirements.

The culmination of Jordan’s efforts

The decision to select Jordan as the host for this summit is majorly attributed to the country’s dedicated digital transformation efforts.
Mayank Dhingra, Senior Education Business Leader (Southern Europe, Middle East, and Africa) at HP, expressed HP’s delight in having Jordan host the summit’s fifth edition.
“Learning in the AI Era” is the most relevant discussion we should be having,” he said. “A big change is anticipated in the role technology plays in our lives.”
Jordan has been selected to host the fifth edition of the Summit, building on the success of its previous editions held in Pakistan and Egypt. Moreover, the next edition of the Summit is planned to take place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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