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You’re the fucking truck
Anti-competitive practices do not care how concerned you area about the competition. The only question is if you used market power anti-competitively to starve off the competition, a point which Google didn’t seem to even defend against. Your concerns about your competition are not enumerated in anti-trust laws which makes this point somewhat irrelevant to the trial, even if it is true (I suspect it’s not).
If this is all Google has to defend themselves, they are going to be in trouble.
If they’re all so concerned about putting out a good product then why has it been deteriorating into increasingly rancid crap for years? These people sound like they have no idea where they actually work. Nobody working there is trying to make Google Search better, they’re only trying to find ways to cram more ads into it.
Better self-driving trucks key to avoid becoming “the next road kill.”

Google had some 8,000 engineers and product managers working on search, with about 1,000 involved in search quality.

Google had some 8,000 engineers and product managers working on search, with about 1,000 involved in search quality.
Eight Thousand engineers and one thousand product managers working on search?
What in the holy hell can they all be doing?
That’s insane.
Sorry, that’s a perfectly reasonable eight thousand engineers AND managers working on search QUALITY – my bad. /SMH
I have bookmarked the sites that I like, and sometimes I get external links from those. If I want information, I will get it from Wikipedia or local news sources I have bookmarked.
It’s rare that I will search for anything, because when I do, I end up seeing AI generated websites which are 90% preamble and 10% copy/paste basic information.
The rest of the results are from Q&A sites where many people are just asking the same question with no real information.
I would enjoy finding personal web sites that do
And obviously that’s desirable and how you maintain an advantage. But the real question is do they know how. A lot don’t, history shows pretty much all large corporations don’t, so it’s just a buzzword to them.
…. and those have all been replaced with a single disabled pigeon.
I haven’t found google search useful for anything in at least a year, maybe a few years. The few times I’ve tried recently searching up error codes for fairly straightforward bugs, I’ve gotten ZERO results. Zero! Since when does google serve zero results for anything, let alone multiple queries of a technical nature? Nowadays I just ask ChatGPT and I usually get exactly what I’m looking for.
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