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Towards inspiring and guiding Muslim students on various professions and career opportunities, the Glorious Islamic Centre has equipped Students with the basic knowledge needed to choose the right career.

Speaking during the group’s yearly career day, the President of GIC, Alhaji Akin Laguda, said the programme focuses on introducing students to different career opportunities rather than providing traditional career counseling.

Laguda emphasised the importance of exposing students to a wide range of possibilities before they make critical decisions regarding their future educational paths. He said: “We are concerned about how we get our students to understand that there are various opportunities for them in the outside world. With this annual Career Day programme, we have been able to expose them to various opportunities.”

Laguda however noted the need to empower Muslim students to become valuable contributors to the society. According to him, the centre’s primary focus is on education and social matters. This is to ensure that individuals are enlightened and have the necessary knowledge to thrive and foster peace within the community and the nation.”

Also speaking at the event, Head of ICT, Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company (NMRC), Taofeek Olatinwo who highlighted the vast opportunities available in the field of Information Technology (IT) for aspiring professionals said: “With the discipline and versatility of pursuing a career in IT, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of businesses and potentially outperform those directly involved in the industry. Global direction has been towards IT, as it cuts across all sectors and encourages students to develop their IT skills to become robot professionals.”

Olatinwo who also advised the students to remain focused on what is right and to draw inspiration from their Islamic faith and the teachings of the Qur’an said: “Islam foundation is based on knowledge seeking and so encourages looking for knowledge wherever you go.”

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