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Nobody said dating would be easy. Finding a genuine relationship with strong connection is a task that seems impossible in the fast-paced modern world where even a 24-hour window isn’t enough to accommodate work, relaxation, and other social responsibilities. The process of finding Mr or Miss Right is more tedious than ever before. Besides many people are still not able to communicate their expectations clearly and be honest in whether or not they want a particular relationship. While some people are too shy to admit their true feelings, others may put up a fake persona thus misleading the other person. No wonder dating terms like ‘delusionship’, ‘chameleoning’, ‘fake-ups’ are born where people are anything but real. (Also read: Are you groundhogging? 5 ways it ruins your dating life or relationships)
Dating site QuackQuack’s recent survey among GenZ users which saw participation of 15,000 men and women from tier 1 and tier 2 cities between the age bracket of 18-26, brought some interesting dating trends to forefront which signify the changing world of dating and the way people are behaving while looking for a partner.
Ravi Mittal, Founder and CEO, QuackQuack noted that dating trends like Delushionship and Evil Dead Rise are on rise. Want to know more about these dating trends? Here’s a list.
Delusionship is a state of mind wherein the person imagines an entire relationship, starting from proposing to ending in marriage and kids, without even making a single move on their crush. It’s all in their heads, and many of these people could be introverts. Extroverts are also a part of this trend, and they think it’s more common than most people care to admit. This intense “obsession and daydreaming” builds slowly and steadily, but thankfully, it does not last long. If it does, that no longer comes under the delusionship category.
Exes trying to re-enter with new and upgraded fake promises is not new, but GenZ daters have certainly given it a fresh and fancy term- Evil Dead Rise. Many people admit that they have been on the receiving end of the Evil Dead Rise, and the term fits the trauma that comes from rehashing the past. A few of the daters confess being the Evil Dead Rise in someone’s life, and they justified that their intentions were not as evil as people are making it sound. For every trend, perspective matters.
Chameleoning is where daters keep changing their personalities, likes, and dislikes to fit their matches’. Many women revealed that time and again, they have altered their persona to be more likable, and they think almost everyone does it, some more subtle than others. Men have also done this to impress their date. Daters feel chameleoning is common, and almost everyone does it with some minor alterations. However, any major change is not sustainable; sooner than later, people’s true colours start showing, and that can be more damaging.
Among other intriguing trends, Fake-Up is stealing the limelight these days. Fake-Up is the trend where GenZ daters, especially single men, fake a breakup to gather sympathies from female daters and strike up a conversation with the end goal of dating them. Compared to men, the number of females participating in this trend is much lower. The survey also noted that women’s compassion makes it easier for men to use fake-up to slide into their DMs.


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