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Charter Facilities
FY 2023 Credit Enhancement Grants Announced
The Department has made five CE grants for fiscal year 2023, totaling $79,000,000.
For more information about the FY 2023 CE grants, please visit the Awards page.
The purpose of the Credit Enhancement program is to award grants to eligible entities that demonstrate innovative methods of helping charter schools address the cost of acquiring, constructing, and renovating facilities by enhancing the availability of loans and bond financing.
This program provides grants to eligible entities to permit them to enhance the credit of charter schools so the charter schools can access private-sector and other non-Federal capital in order to acquire, construct, and renovate facilities at a reasonable cost.
An eligible entity receiving a grant must use the funds deposited in the reserve account to assist one or more charter schools to access private-sector capital to accomplish one or more of the following objectives:
An eligible entity receiving a grant shall, in accordance with State and local law, directly or indirectly, alone or in collaboration with others, deposit the funds received (other than funds used for administrative costs), in a reserve account established and maintained by the eligible entity. Amounts deposited in such account shall be used by the eligible entity for one or more of the following purposes:
Funds received and deposited in the reserve account shall be invested in obligations issued or guaranteed by the United States or a State, or in other similarly low-risk securities. Any earnings on funds received shall be deposited in the reserve account and used in accordance with this program.
Grantees may not use reserve account funds to:
A grantee may, however, use funds to guarantee a loan for the portion of the loan that would otherwise have to be funded with a down payment.
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