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By Reuben Greene,
Special to the AFRO
Coppin State University (CSU), a long-standing educational institution in the heart of Baltimore, has deep roots within the local community. Established in 1900, the university has served as a beacon of opportunity for generations of students, striving to uplift the educational landscape of Charm City.
The inauguration of the new College of Business on Oct. 19, marks a significant milestone in the university’s history and furthers the college’s effort to advance learning opportunities in the city. The state-of-the-art building is poised to be a hub for business education in Baltimore, offering advanced facilities in academic fields such as accounting, data science, management information systems, marketing, entertainment management and sports management. The College of Business also provides certificate programs in entrepreneurship, innovation and esports (electronic sports), equipping students with the skills they need to thrive in the modern business landscape.
The opening ceremony was a momentous occasion, with inspirational speeches delivered by CSU President Anthony L. Jenkins and Dean Sadie R. Gregory.
“This university has committed to ‘be more’ than what we could hope for, and partnerships like this allow us to do it,” said Jenkins. His words captured the institution’s commitment to going above and beyond for its students and the community.
Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby was present to honor Gregory with a city proclamation for her dedication to education. This recognition highlighted the university’s integral role in the city’s development.
The event was expertly organized by Joshua Humbert, vice president of institutional advancement, and his dedicated staff, who ensured that everything ran smoothly. Notably, Charles Schwab’s investment in the business school led to the creation of the Charles Schwab Community Finance Center, further demonstrating the university’s commitment to financial literacy and community economic empowerment.
“This is a space where the school plans to continually educate and keep financial literacy and the bridge to economic wealth in the forefront of the community,” Gregory said.
As part of the event, the public was offered building tours, allowing everyone to explore the cutting-edge facilities. The second floor of the building featured impressive details, including a ticker tape mounted in the ceiling and a soundproof phone booth for private conversations.
“I think the new space is very important to the community since we have so many students interested in the entertainment industry. Also, it’s a D1 school, so having a sports management program housed in its own location is exactly what the students needed,” said Student Government Association Vice President Tori Haynes-Harrison.
Another student Jaylen Camp, SGA executive secretary and accounting major, weighed in on what the new building means for students.
“This is an inspirational moment for myself,” said Camp. “The College of Business having classrooms and spaces designed specifically for my major is very beneficial to my academic career.”
The event exuded an electrifying energy, with excitement radiating from the audience. It was a celebration of not just a new building but of the future that it represents and the enduring legacy the university continues to build.
Over the years, Coppin State has maintained a strong commitment to academic excellence and community engagement, earning its place as a pillar of higher education in the region.
One of the critical markers of a university’s success is its graduation rate. CSU has steadily improved its graduation rate over the years. In recent years, it has achieved a graduation rate of over 40 percent, reflecting the institution’s dedication to guiding students towards their educational goals.
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