Canadian PM Justin Trudeau refused Presidential Suite during G-20 visit to India. Here's why | Mint – Mint

Amid surging tension between India and Canada regarding the Pro-Khalistan separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s killing in Surrey, reports have emerged that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, during his G-20 visit to India, refused to stay in the pre-arranged presidential suite in The Lalit Hotel. 
Several media reports have cited sources in the security arrangement of India during recently concluded G-20 Summit, saying that Trudeau and his delegation stayed in normal rooms in The Lalit Hotel in national capital Delhi. 
The Canadian Prime Minister stayed in a normal room at the hotel during his stay in India.
As part of the arrangements, Indian government had booked VVIP rooms for all head of states in The Lalit Hotel. However, PM Trudeau, who came with his son, reportedly did not use the presidential suite even for a day. 
Notably, presidential suites are specially designed by Indian security agencies as per security protocols and every global leader
According to ANI report, Trudeau’s delegation told Indian security agencies that this decision is being taken due to cost considerations. However, the Indian agencies have said that there is no information about the exact reason behind Trudeau’s staying in a normal room.
Notably, this was not the only irregular episode from Trudeau’s visit to India.
The Canadian PM was scheduled to depart from India on 10 September, however, he had to extend his stay after a technical snag on his Airbus plane.
The Indian side had offered services of aircraft ‘Air India One’ to Canadian PM Trudeau and his delegation to fly back, after coming to know about the delay in the departure of the Canadian PM and accompanying delegation due to the glitch in their special aircraft.
However, the Canadian side declined the offer and instead chose to wait for the backup aircraft, sources said. Finally, Trudeau was able to depart from India only on September 12.
Meanwhile, the tensions between India and Canada heightened on Monday, after Canadian PM Justin Trudeau alleged India’s involvement in the killing of Hardeep Nijjar a designated terrorist in India. This was followed by Canada expelling an Indian diplomat from the country.
India rejected the allegations made by Canada, dubbing them as “absurd” and “motivated” and in a reciprocal move also expelled a senior Canadian diplomat from the country on Tuesday.
Khalistan Tiger Force chief Hardeep Singh Nijjar who was a designated terrorist in India, was gunned down outside a Gurdwara, in a parking area in Canada’s Surrey, British Columbia on June 18
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