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In a one-of-its kind fake admission case, Canadian authority has reportedly asked more than 700 Indian students to return to India. According to several media reports, these students were involved in generating fake ‘admission offer letters’ to gain entry into the country for studies. The whole matter came into the limelight into a Canadian Border Security Agency(CBSA) investigation that began when these students applied for permanent residence after the completion of their studies letters.
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According to media reports, a total of 700 students had applied for study visas via Education Migration Services situated in Jalandhar. The visa service agency was run by Brijesh Mishra. He used to charge around 16 lakh from students for all their expenses in Canada, including admission fee to institute, etc. The charge excluded expenses of air tickets and security deposits. Students who applied with the help of Brijesh Mishra and went to Canada for studying in 2018-19, came under the radar of Canadian authority.  
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One of the students who was asked to return to India, Chaman Singh Batth, told, that around 700 students applied for study visa through Brijesh Mishra-led Education Migration Services in Jalandhar, from 2018 to 2022. When Batth and other students reached Canada for their study, the Visa agent called them and informed about the cancellation of their admission in the college. Later they were asked to wait for six months to take admission in another college.
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Reportedly, the claims made by these students couldn’t convince the CBSA officers as they were unable to prove the involvement of Brijesh Mishra in compiling and organising fake documents.
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The discrepancies in fake documents came into light when students applied for permanent residence (PR) in Canada. During the PR application, the offer letters for Canadian university came under the scanner of CBSA. The investigation around the documents proved them to be fake. Notably, these documents were also the basis on which those Indian students received their visa by Canada. 
The whole matter couldn’t even come to light hadn’t these students applied for permanent residence. The authority said that most of these students have already completed their studies and even gained work experience. The whole fraud came into light when they applied for permanent residence. This education fraud is one of its kind in Canada for the first time. One of the main reasons for such fraud could be the large number of applicants to Canada.
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