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by David Chasanov
Wildlife control is now on the lookout, for a 13-foot-long runaway python in Oklahoma City. We first brought you this story last week, from the Burntwood neighborhood.
Fox 25 spoke with the man hired to end this pursuit once and for all.

Trevor Bounds says he will have cameras installed below a home that he believes the snake is hiding in. It's a situation families at Bryant Elementary School, not too far from the park, are keeping an eye on.

"Honestly it makes me feel uneasy," Parent Shandi Mosley said.
From the trailer park to Bryant Elementary, this13-foot-long python is the talk of the area.
"It's kind of terrifying because it's been there for like four months or whatever."
Moore Public Schools (MPS) even sent parents this message:
"It's kind of scary," Mosley said. "You don't want to think about it getting into your house. But what if it did get into your house? It's a really big snake."

Bounds with Red Beard Wildlife Solutions says he's determined to catch the reptile.
"I think it's because of the size," Bounds said. "Everybody's in panic mode."
But he's confident he'll get the job done with technology.
"Once we get the cameras installed, and get everything, the cameras will kind of tell the tale."
Bounds plans to surround a home in the trailer park with at least two thermal cameras.
"We're going to have a view on this one, then this area over here with that hole and then back here."
"if I was that person I would be moving," Mosley said.
Luckily for that homeowner. Bounds has already created a trap. Once he installs the cameras, he'll be able to watch everything 24/7 from his phone.
"It sucks, the whole 24/7 thing," Bounds said. "But if there's a chance I can get the job done, I'd rather take that."
It's a problem he wants to tackle fast, as the snake continues to eat stray cats around the park.
"Dangerous for them, for sure. But as far as people, they want nothing to do with [them]. They're going to stay away from them."
Still, Bounds says if you see the snake, don't try capturing it.
"It'd be a horrible idea to try and approach, especially if you're trying to handle it."
Bounds says he usually captures a snake in three to five days. But, worst case scenario, this could all be over in two weeks.

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