Canada: Khalistani group Sikhs for Justice threatens to 'Besiege' Indian missions on Independence Day | Mint – Mint

Despite facing criticism for its posters that targeted Indian diplomats, the secessionist organization Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) has issued a threat to “besiege” Indian missions on Independence Day.
On Wednesday, Gurpatwant Pannun, the legal counsel for Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), released a video in which he mentioned the upcoming Khalistan Freedom Rally scheduled for July 8, The Hindustan Times reported.
Pannun referred to the rally and made the latest threat in the video, saying, “You just wait, this is a start. On August 15, the Sikh community is going to besiege every terror house that is an Indian embassy.”
Multiple newly created social media accounts, appearing to be either pro-Pakistan or operating from Pakistan, amplified the video. India has brought this issue to the attention of Canadian authorities.
However, the threat extends beyond India’s High Commission and two consulates in Canada, also encompassing the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and various European nations. This is similar to the previous threat during the June 8 rally.
An Indian official of high rank has expressed concerns about the inaction against Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), such as the absence of a ban or the designation of the group as a terrorist entity. This lack of action is seen as empowering SFJ and increasing their confidence. The official highlighted recent incidents, including an arson attack at the Indian consulate in San Francisco and the breach of the security perimeter at the Indian High Commission in Ottawa.
Pannun accused India of being responsible for the “assassination” of Harjit Singh Nijjar, a prominent figure associated with SFJ, on June 18 in the parking lot of a gurdwara in Surrey, British Columbia. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT), which is investigating the killing, has not identified any motive yet and is actively searching for the perpetrators.
According to Indian law enforcement, Nijjar was accused of being the leader of the Khalistan Tiger Force and was facing multiple charges related to terrorism. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) had offered a reward of 10 lahks for any information that could help in capturing him.
However, Nijjar’s charges were not examined in Canadian courts, and Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) has consistently claimed that it does not advocate or engage in violence. Pannun emphasized in the video released on Wednesday, shortly after rumours circulated online about Nijjar’s death in a car accident in the US, that the upcoming protests would be peaceful.
Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie Joly, denounced the threat towards Indian officials, considering it “unacceptable.” Additionally, Minister of National Defence, Anita Anand, expressed through a tweet that Canada remains committed to ensuring the safety of foreign diplomats within the country, emphasizing their serious dedication to this responsibility.
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